Likud members: leaving West Bank settlements was a crime
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 16.05.19, 19:23
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1. 100% right. Retake ALL our abandoned lands forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.16.19)
Israel needs to reverse the horrific retreats which bring unlimited disaster and suffering upon us. Mad Israeli concessions and retreats are the root cause of almost all Israel's most serious problems. Including ALL our Gaza and Lebanon wars, terror, rockets etc. These Likudniks, and fellow rightist MKs, are 100% right. Retake ALL our abandoned lands forever!
2. you are dreaming
jeb   (05.16.19)
bibi will not reinstate settlements period. not out of conviction but out of fear of offending his masters trump and eu.if you want the reason why, then search out why he never rose to the higher ranks of the idf. you will then have your answeer.
3. The far right is delusional
David ,   Netanya   (05.16.19)
Before the disengagement Gaza was a massive quagmire, with our troops and settlers under constant attack, and rockets already hitting Sderot. More of our people were dying there per year than have died in the wars and incidents involving Gaza per year since.Same with the Oslo Accords. Before the "Oslo Disaster" we were totally administering the territories at huge cost. Plus total rule over a foreign population was risking a binational state.

The sooner we get nutcases like this out of power the better.
4. The real& provable crime were the Oslo Accords. Will the
responsible ever get punished?
No doubt: never!
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