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Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt elections
Associated Press
Published: 16.05.19, 21:32
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1. a light unto the nations
New Yorker ,   NYC, USA   (05.16.19)
great; on this news site we have read about Israeli involvement in brothels and sex trafficking in Columbia; drug smuggling in Southeast Asia; even as far back as the 80's Israel was involved in covert action for the "contras" in Nicaragua; nothing about burgeoning anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe; why upset lucrative business deals? Trump and Bibi doing sixty-nine; and now this; Israel, a light unto the nations!
2. what about the Face page that insults the Rothschilds?
It is a completely anti-semitic page why doesn't Facebook take it down?
3. Why are 1000s of public officials running for office blocked
Like Google who bragged on helping Obama win with fake news, direction and censorship, echo chamber. Facebook is doing the same.

Ideological globalists who now decide what we can see hear think and say.
1984 scary times.
4. regardless, FB is a mass zombies controlling medium
TheWall ,   (06.05.19)
It's a replica of Nazi Gestapo. ANYONE who ever used FB has it fingerprints at FB archives, which can be used against him/her at any times, by anybody.
It's a super-evil empire just like Google. Both control anybody who is using both tools by different means, unknown to 99% of the zombie population.
DO NOT use Google for your own good. There other browsers and search tools, like DuckDuckGo. There are many other better browsers which never track anybody, like Opera, Firefox...and many more. Delete/remove google from your computer.
DO NOT use Facebook. Erase it.
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