Muslim groups apologize for video: Mistake 'ours to own'
Associated Press
Published: 16.05.19, 23:17
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1. Too funny! WHAT, they didn't pin it on Zionists?! What's the
world coming to?!
Heads will roll, of that I'm sure.
2. OK, nice. Now we can all go back to business (of sleeping)
3. "It won't happen again!"(we'll be more careful hiding it)!!!
4. 1mommas
Sorry they got caught.
5. Till the next time ?
Arnie ,   Montreal   (05.17.19)
Sorry to say this but those words came from someone, from somewhere, and it and they are still thinking that way.
6. Thank a Democrat.
Verdi Veris Veritas ,   New Mecca, Michigan   (05.18.19)
Want to see more of this? Keep voting Democrat.
7. Blaming the children disgusting double speech
Avi L.   (05.17.19)
8. Only thing they are really sorry is being caught
Joseph ,   USA   (05.19.19)
9. another "mistake"
Adir ,   Jerusalem   (05.19.19)
yeah its a"mistake" a "mistake" like launching rockets into Israel.
it not a mistake thats what they teaching their childrens and when the world is shocked they will lie to you(taquiya) to confuse they allways do.
this was just a test to see how the world will respond... expect more "mistakes" in the near future.
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