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Madonna defends dancers' flag display at Eurovision Grand Final
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 19.05.19, 09:54
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1. Madonna and her statements.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.19.19)
If you can't hold your tune, something must compensate it and make people talk about you anyway!

She was in breach of contract so make her pay!
2. Zzzz...
Chance ,   Time is Right   (05.19.19)
oleg ,   florida   (05.19.19)
4. For her abysmal "performance" we got THIS??!!
5. Iceland giving us lessons on morals?
Disillusioned   (05.19.19)
Until only the last few years, Iceland had one of the worst drinking problems in the world.

At the time of the banking crisis two decades ago, Iceland was on the verge of bankruptcy. The UK gave them a massive loan to save their banks, and thus save the Icelandic economy. And then, these paragons of virtue took a unilateral decision that they were simply never going to pay that loan back.

Iceland is deeply entrenched in a good 400 years of virulent anti-Semitism. Every year they get together to sing blood libel-filled carols. They refuse to let go of this tradition.

And if that's not enough to recommend Iceland for Waste of Oxygen Users of the Century Award, they are also totally indifferent to world attitudes towards whale hunting and couldn't care less that they're hunting one endangered species in particular to extinction.

It's a pure waste of energy reacting any further to boost attention towards such affected, posturing half-wits. They will return to their whale burgers and their Jew-baiting and will never be heard of, or from, again.
6. Tasteless and talentless
grip   (05.19.19)
She actually had some nerve thinking that her Eurovision performance was her personal space. Just as she has the biggest nerve of all thinking she has some claim to the country by virtue of her associations with a charlatan Kabbalist teacher.

But more than anything, just like most of these Eurovision stars, it's not her singing that's made the money, but her porn moves. If she could sing, she wouldn't need all that double-tracking to disguise her limp vocal chords.
7. Madonna should have paid Israel to perform on
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.19.19)
What amounted to an out of tune ludicrous performance.
Some people never learn when its time to pack it in.
As for Iceland- brain frozen like their country.
Since no one noticed the pally flags in the green room and most people at home got up and put the kettle on when Madonna took to the stage no one noticed the dancers.
A lot of hot air for nothing which basically sums up the BDS movement.
8. Madonna called on camera to blow up the white house, peace?
9. Well, as the Dutch Eurovision jury said...
Jake   (05.19.19)
"I am so thankful for tonight, and for Madonna's out-of-tune."
10. Entertainers and their overinflated egos.
11. It’s all right to have political stance, but don’t expect us
to play dumb...!
12. Y! Y! Y! was she even included; she totally $ucked!
13. & what does Min. Ms. Regev have 2 say about this?
14. The Madonna bashing shows how much you all really love her:
D   (05.20.19)
The non-stop comments against Madonna just show how much you all really love her. Any other artist, whether they did a good or bad job, would never get so much feedback. You were all excited about the singer you all grew up with, whether you're into her or not. You all wanted to hear the old hits Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita, Papa Don't Preach, Open your Heart, etc etc. And yet she let you down. So you're all angry about it. Yes, she had a bad night - it happens. The vocals were off and the performance was too dark for a campy Eurovision. I don't think American singers really understand Eurovision. She did the Superbowl several years ago and nailed it.

She came to Israel amid a boycott movement, and we should be happy about that. Madonna got nothing but accolades from Israelis after the concerts she did here in 2012
15. We see the Material Girl struggling with aging, mortality...
Veni, Vidi, Vici ,   Caans, Mans   (05.20.19)
and her own irrelevance.

A shame she can't do this in private.
16. KAN gave up the right to complain about anti-Israel displays
Sharon   (05.23.19)
when they agreed to let a draft- and tax-dodger be one of the presenters.
17. Feminists for Gaza and Gay Icelanders
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (05.24.19)
First, these feminist nitwits should go to Gaza and see that they HAVE ZERO RESPECT AND PROTECTIONS for women. Women are treated like property. Go there and dress the way you want and be disrespectful to men, you will be in a body bag the next day. I guarantee.

Then you have the gay Icelanders. First, go to Gaza looking like that and you will be beaten to death within secs. They don't share your expressionism and freedoms. They don't share your homosexuality. To the contrary, Israel protects your freedoms and right to be fags!

Leftist are such mental midgets!
18. Madagascar
D ,   Napa Vally   (05.28.19)
Chamudi , you are the one who is irrelevant and so is your country .. you just need to see what's going on inside of your country right now and you know that Israel is the irrelevant one now.... almost time to go back to the gola now....... don't fret too much.......... Bibi and your charedim harsu ta'medina ;) GOOD LUCK .. but I predict that you society will NOT last another 71 years ;)
19. Aluvim
D ,   Alaska   (05.28.19)
Israelis have always been cheap- that's what they are .. aluvei ha'chayim. Maybe if BIBI the baboon would have aid for a good band out of his $750 million dollar private plan budget than you would have had a worthwhile band paying in the Eurovision , but than again first come the poor and sick people dying o your hospital floors and in the street the ntzolei sho'a tht are eating from garbage bins .. they dome first for zebi to fix !!
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