Immersed in immunity: Netanyahu's legal jeopardy delays coalition deals
Yuval Karni
Published: 19.05.19, 11:56
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1. Why would you want power, if you don't know how to use it?
2. The coalition
Shirley ,   Kiryat ono   (05.19.19)
This coalition is the worst Israel ever had. The ptotection law tthat the P.M's cronies want to put in protects all the unlawful aacts not only of yhe P.M. but also Deri Haim Katz Litzman
David Bitton and other dishonest members that follow this
direction. Nothing can ever be done to bring them to justice
We will also have to say goodbye to our justice system. Nothing can be so divesting for our Country.
3. Israel can do better.
Lee ,   Miami   (05.19.19)
Such an “honest” Prime Minister. Why on Earth would he have any problems in forming a new government? (sarcasm) I guess he’s just a tad preoccupied with his “legal status”. (America can relate, dear Israel.)

Israel can do better. It starts at the top.
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