US to hold economic 'workshop' in June as first part of Trump's peace plan
Published: 19.05.19, 22:29
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1. Pals want Jewish state gone. It's money for nothing.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.19.19)
2. Pals will take the money and run with it to Swissbanks if it
Alan ,   SA   (05.20.19)
is handed out before settling the peace part
3. thorny political issues at the heart of the decades-old -
Alan ,   SA   (05.20.19)
is the physical presence of Jews and Israel. Thats all/ EU worked that out looooooong ago
4. How much good money is the world ready to throw down that
endless drain called "Palestine"?
Unless somehow, that money is being put back into circulation, by the murdering and stealing Arabs, that are presently occupying parts of Land of Israel?!
5. Bahrain? What?
When will Israelis be able to freely travel to Bahrain to enjoy the fruits of this peace? Or will it continue to be a Judenrein/Judenfrei location?
Does the choice of Bahrain have anything to do with Trump's personal economic gain program for himself and his family?
Is Trump's "Deal of the Century" tied to a USA boots on the ground war with Iran?
Is this "Deal of the Century" good for anyone besides the exceeding wealthy friends of Trumps?
6. The very idea of a foreigner attempting to force our hand in
this deadly struggle with Islamic fascists is beyond the pale...
All a foreign power can offer, is to buy peace, like the one we still enjoy with Egypt.
But that's completely different story.
Egypt wasn't being invented, like this Chimera of "Palestinians", that refuses to die, thanks to everybody (including Israel) playing along...
Inane notion, stupid choice of words, "Deal of the Century"- that alone shows you, how immature this whole charade is!
7. SHOVE YOUR PLAN TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.20.19)
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