Abbas aide: U.S. peace plan will fail without Palestinian statehood
Associated Press
Published: 20.05.19, 12:24
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1. m
moishe   (05.20.19)
there will never be peace with Israel even after PA gets statehood.
2. Pals need a "side by side"setup so that they can repeat the
Alan ,   SA in th in   (05.20.19)
Gaza Hamas and Islamic Jihad modus operandi of waging mini war after mini war with Israel-but this time from the comfort of new positions at the end of runway 1 at B G Airport. In this they are strongly supported by every enemy of Israel in the world ESPECIALY European Union and future US Tlaib and Omar led administrations.(guess which one) . Nothing will be acceptable to Pals without a "side by side" set up and a return of the descendants of every so called refugee. Can anyone imagine the destruction they would be able to wreak from a position ANYWHERE over the green line? Too ghastly to contemplate... We tried "side by side in Gaza-what did we get?.... Also Thousands of Pal Intifadas.
3. Keep waiting
Me   (05.20.19)
I shall wait, day and night I shall wait, I shall wait, la la la
4. First we must fund a massive finding expedition, to discover
the very origins of said fabled "Palestinian people".
Only then can we move forward with establishing their Kingdom... :-)
5. "Palestinian statehood"??
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (05.20.19)
Instead of engaging in building their state, the PA engaged since 70 years in war and terror against Israel and against Jews.

The primary objective of the PA is the destruction of Israel, but not the foundation of their own state. Its written in their charta.

The current PA is a corrupt and criminal organization, led by an anti-Semite.


6. There will never be Peace with them under any circumstances
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.20.19)
Because of that Arabs should not be given an advantage such as a state
7. Economic Development?
Ed ,   USA   (05.20.19)
The PA has worked for years to suppress West Bank economic development fearing that prosperity would diminish Palestinians' desire to crush Israel.
8. The west bankers didn't object to Jordan's 'occupation'....
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.20.19)
From 1948 to 1967, Jordan illegally occupied the west bank, yet the local Arabs never complained. Now, these Arabs (renamed 'Palestinians') claim to be occupied by Israel. Such a clever lie.

The Arabs don't need a state of their own, they never had one in the past. This is just Arafat's 50-year plan to eradicate Israel still in process. Abbas is Arafat in a nicer suit- that's all.

Maybe the Arabs want their kids to die attacking Israelis. Maybe the parents really want that pay-to-slay money MORE than they want their own kids!

As Golda said decades ago, "we'll have peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel."

Sadly, nothing has changed. Israel faces daily random stabbings and Gazans are just brainwashed idiots that cannot think for themselves. In each instance, the leadership gets richer and richer. Did you see the mansions the Hamas leaders love in? They don't care about the people- they care about continued access to donor funds and enriching themselves.

And the absolute idiot Arabs of the west bank and Gaza go along with it!

Why haven't the Arabs tarred and feathered Abbas? He's a criminal, plain and simple. It just goes to show how many of his cronies are on his payroll to keep him in power.

This non-stop graft and corruption is why the world doesn't give a crap about the west bank or Gaza. It's also why Israel is the party that will determine the fate of both.
9. For US+EU peace is giving Pals money+Israeli concessions.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.20.19)
Not so but that is their mindset. Peace to the Palestinians means Muslim rule over Israel and the West Bank. A short term truce to them is giving them the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They are ready to sit and wait and carry on with terror and inciting boycotts of Israel.
10. Abbas, here is an idea
C   (05.20.19)
you will never have a state.
we know because you have rejected a previous offers for a state. you and the entire plo is a terror organisation whose sole goal is the destruction of sovereign israel.
you think that president trump is stupid, but he is not.
he sees through your manipulations. he knows that all you want is
money and no responsibility.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.21.19)
Your fictional state and then you will get the rope around your neck. Stop wasting so much time and money on illusions of a state. No one is buying it anymore.
12. It's cute
this human   (05.21.19)
Mr Abbas and pals think they are of any further consideration. Kind of like UN.
13. NOTHING would be worse than "peace deal with Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.21.19)
It is practically impossible to think of anything that would be WORSE for Israel than a "peace deal with Palestinians". Such a deal would turn Israel into a defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp. This fact is obvious to any child capable of reading a map. It would cost Israel:

* Judea
* Samaria
* Jerusalem
* Freedom from constant rocket attacks
* Freedom from constant terror
* Our viability as a state
* Everything
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