Likud officials threaten new elections as coalition talks falter
Yuval Karni, Itamar Eichner, Gad Lior
Published: 20.05.19, 11:25
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1. Just like pilots playing game of chicken, who'll blink first
2. unity
mike ,   seattle   (05.20.19)
A unity government with the Blue and White is the only and obvious answer. These people are so stubborn and they are putting their personal feelings ahead of the national interest.
3. Netanyahu should call new elections
C   (05.20.19)
the outrageous attempts to bribe and blackmail him show that certain
parties lack all responsibility toward the nation and its citizens.
under such circumstances a government cannot govern.
4. C
zionist forever   (05.21.19)
Non of the little parties care about the nation and its citizens, all that matters is themselves and their personal interests.

Liberman with an oversized ego wanting to secularise everything.
The religious who want to make the country more religious.
Nationalists who just want to build in Judea & Samaria for the sake of building.
Messianic radicals like Felgin who thankfully is not in the Knesset.
Yair Lapid & Benny Gantz who set up their own parties to take a fast track to the top level of politics through joining coalitions rather than working their way through the ranks of a mainstream party like Netanyahu did.
The list goes on, both left and right are filled with little parties.

We need a handful of mainstream parties where the priority is the country not any one individual policy or ideology.
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