Why did Israel snub new Jewish president of Ukraine?
Itamar Eichner, AP
Published: 20.05.19, 13:22
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1. Why? Because...
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.20.19)
the majority of Israelis are self-seeking people. They will only approach this man if they think they can take any advantage, of course.
2. Israel playing stupid games....
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.20.19)
If this guy is assassinated, Israel's indifference will be a large part of it. Shame on Israel, afraid to upset Mother Russia.

If Israel isn't 'man' enough to send Netanyahu, I hope they're smart enough to have some Mossad agents around in case the local security services, at the behest of the old-boy politicians and generals, plan something against the new president.
3. Very GOOD! Ukraine is a motherland of The Grand Antisemitism
theWall   (05.20.19)
Israel DOES NOT need Ukraine. Israel does not need Ukraine's jewish comedian pretending to be "president" who will only cause waves of antisemitic tsunami.
BUT Israel needs RUSSIA, Israel needs Putin.
Strong country needs to stick with a stronger country.
Small power have to stick with a big power.
Ukraine is a "country" where antisemitism is rooted deep into Ukrainians' souls, their culture and traditions.
Ukraine is where Hitler and his army had more fans and co-operation than anywhere else. Screw ukraine and its president.
4. Our ruling government,
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (05.20.19)
all talks but no civil courage, no cojones and no STATESMANSHIP.
5. Why not?! Because he's supposedly a Jew? So is Kissinger and
look what he brought us.
What a dumb notion and stupid comments from people in TBs!
6. israel does not
Oleg ,   NY   (05.20.19)
Look, asshole:
Why dont you visit Yad vashem and check how many ukrainians are on its books.
Srussia is no friend of Israel, never been, never going to be. What ever your Moscow boss tells you to write here is a bullshit.
7. Bibi ain’t no fool...
Arnie ,   Montreal   (05.20.19)
Every move by Netanyahu is well thought out whether you Israelis think so. Israel walks a tightrope and one of the watchers is Putin. Israel has a loose rein with Putin and so far it is working well for both sides. I am sure there has been conversation with the new elected Ukraine leader and there is an understanding.

Am Yisroel Cgai
8. let's guess, Putin?
Avi L.   (05.20.19)
9. Israel does not miss anything till Ukraine normalizes
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (05.21.19)
Israel does not miss anything till Ukraine normalizes. It means makes peace with Russia, revokes idealization of fascists who killed, among others, hundred thousands Jews.
If not, it will become a to a US-guided irritation point against Russia, economically weakened, nationalistic - same what happened to Germany in 1933.
Israel has to stay away from short sighted Anglo-Saxon geo-political games.
Russia will not only stay it's grounds, but rather lead to disintegration of NATO, if not let alone.

Israel and Russia's are for ever allies - without it's nations there would be neither defeat of Hitler, nor an Israel.

Jew will never forget it - only the US Jews have to be taught who is who. They watch too much their fake news, history distorting Hollywood docs, which teaches them, that US has taken Berlin, and they won WW2.

80% of all armored combat in WW2 was absorbed by USSR, Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, where as in each KZ was an IBM office, run by Americans who delivered the logistics for the Holocaust - tattoos - IBM numbers.
Why Yad -Vashem does not present this story one can only wonder - sounds like Holocaust denying to me.
10. your formal ambassador was at the ceremony
Cameron   (05.21.19)
The matter was handled correctly and with proper restraint.

Probably correct not to overly push on the Jewish & Israeli angle with either Ukrainians or the Russians.

The man will have enough to deal with in that particular setting.
11. Politics, that is Israel's focus and concern, that is why.
12. correcrion: I meant any Jew and non Jew shoul NOT care for u
theWaĺl   (05.21.19)
OLEG ,   FLORIDA   (05.21.19)
HE was elected by the non jews because they think they will get rich. there is a belief in eastern europe that the jews have the divine secrets HOW TO GET RICH. jews should live a quiet life over there.and not get involve in politics. at the end of the day we will get blamed for everything.old story.
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