Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Netanyahu's dangerous balancing act
Nahum Barnea
Published: 20.05.19, 23:04
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1. The religious parties are obviously not the
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.19)
Majority the problem is the majority sits back and does nothing- whilst factories and businesses are closed on shabbat at the detriment of tourists- whilst transport doesn't run and whilst religious youth run away from their commitment to the state the majority run the other way.Millions are lost and no one apparently cares.Either we are shamefully not interested or we are so complacent - or its the usual Israeli attitude- don't do anything until it is too late to do something!
2. Reality of our country is that there ARE large numbers of
religious (more or less) citizens and they are getting bigger& stronger.
One way or another they must be taken into consideration, just as any other political party large enough to tip the scales.
A really smart nation will know how to balance that power, if not their "victory" shall be very short-lived, since abuse and subjugation will lead to disintegration of Israel.
We should know something about THAT by now, wouldn't you agree?
Pitting one segment against another is never a good idea.
I am amazed politicians still do it.
Willing "journalists" have been doing this for years, this author in particular.
3. Imbecile Barnea has never written anything meaningful
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.21.19)
4. Actually they DO represent the will of the people
RM ,   Jerusalem   (05.20.19)
That's why they were elected and YOU WEREN'T
5. Netanyahu wants Gantz not Smoritch but Gantz won't come
zionist forever   (05.21.19)
Netanyahu would love to ditch most of that lot and form a coalition with some of the orthodox, Gantz and some minor right wing parties but unfortunately whilst Gantz is the public face of his party Lapid is pulling the strings and he doesn't want Gantz in any kind of coalition in the hope it will not last long then its new elections with Gantz looking like the man of morality who refused to join a Netanyahu coalition.
If Gantz decided to do the RESPONSIBLE thing he would join a coalition with Netanyahu so they could deal with real issues instead of the pet causes of the little single issue parties and use the opportunity to raise the electoral threshold again to try and keep the little parties out the Knesset.

Would also benefit Gantz long term because he is a political rookie right now and a senior ministerial role in a stable coalition is just what he needs to say to the public next time look at my achievements in government so you can see I am PM material and ready to run the country.
Love or hate Netanyahu he has generally been a good PM over the years because he has experience of virtually every political role so he knows the tricks and how to get things done which is what any good PM of the future needs and why parties formed by individuals to launch their own political career like Gantz and Lapid are not good things because they do not start at the bottom and work their way through the ranks gaining experience as they go.
6. I want to get paid for not working on Shabbos!
Itamar   (05.21.19)
7. unity
Michael Kolker ,   seattle   (05.21.19)
The only thing that makes any sense is for Likud and Blue and White to form a unity government, and give Gantz the ministry of defense. Of course Bibi stupidly insulted the blue and white and called Gantz and the other generals "leftists" so often during the campaign that is impossible now. You don't call generals and former chiefs of staffs who have spent their lives risking their lives and defending Israel leftists. That was really blind and low of Bibi. Now he has to deal with these little parties and he has no one to blame but himself.
8. Why have coalition-building anyway?
Vered, Israel   (05.20.19)
We need electoral reform to make it actually democratic. Whoever gets the top 120 votes gets into the knesset. Period. Likud got the most votes, so the premiership goes to Netanyahu. The next 35 seats are Blue and White's,and so on until 120 seats are filled. No selling the county's soul to small parties punching above their weight class. No threats to bring down the government. Every term is served its full length.
9. YES, YES, and more YES
Mali ,   Mevasseret Zion   (05.21.19)
Perfectly articulated everything I've been feeling since the last election. The strengthening of ultra-right parties is dangerous for EVERYONE in this country. They desire a unified Jewish identity, which is actually only representative of the small percentage of ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel. What about other expressions of Judaism? No room for them! Secular? You're out! Reform? Don't even THINK about it! And the list goes on...
Time for us to seek a separation of religion and state. Israel MUST be a safe place for ALL Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. We cannot become a theocracy...that has only ever proven to be disastrous at best.
10. extremists from ultra orthodox jews
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (05.21.19)
11. Corrupted nation!
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (05.21.19)
Israel is one of the corrupted nations of the world today. Together with Iran, Venezuela, Turkey and like them, Israel is sitting in a good place, representing the Jewish people that apparently could not escape even this disgusting group. It is very sad, but the fanatic religious groups who should be eliminated from Israel's political scene, together with a corrupted prime minister and lots of Hula Mula crowd, holding him and kissing his a... , pushing the country hard down until people will have no choice for reclaim their rights and powers. I hope that one day, they will succeed. But today, I cry for Israel and what has become of it.
12. Why?
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (05.21.19)
Why are you not showing my comment that I submitted earlier? I noticed that you keep doing this, like you act for the government.
I will advise people in Social Media not to read your articles, unless you change your attitude.
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