Knesset gives equal treatment to same sex spouses
Amihai Attali
Published: 20.05.19, 19:51
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1. Not very relevant
David ,   New york   (05.20.19)
we are essentially talking about who gets a visitor pass
Not exactly an important thing.
I know the sjw’s Want LGBTQRSTUV everything and a complete dissolution of all morality, but not happening
Sorry Charlie/Charlotte
2. Jake is happy today. He will come back to Israel asap
to find his partner/gay love.
3. Israeli society is formed of mostly much better individuals!
doda ,   Givatayim   (05.20.19)
There is luckily no comparison "in real life" to the percentage of backstabbing, lying, bribing, and simply rude populace of the Knesset.
4. David at 1 u have no idea...
Hetrosexual Israeli   (05.21.19)
it isn't about visitor's passes...
it is about pension rights and survivor's benefits
(see the rules and regulations of the IDF, of ElAl and most other Israeli based companies)
In Israel pension rights and survivor's benefits are the same for:
heterosexual married couples
heterosexual non-married but publicly known and publicly recognized couples AND
same sex partnered couples
so naturally and for very good reason it is definitely time for the Israeli Knesset to catch up!
David, in a nice way, may I suggest that the next time you decide to speak from New York you get yourself versed and educated in Israeli rules, regulations and laws...because. word. without being mean-spirited, just being sound incredibly ignorant!
5. Male friends OK but sex between them disgusting.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.21.19)
It's when you see males making out like in a park that you really get revolted.
They make parades to celebrate that - nauseating.
6. Answer to Lazer Cohen
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.21.19)
And who do you think created the homosexuals? Not God?
Do they have the ability to self-create?
As a homosexual, I know I was so, from very young age and it was NOT a choice.
So please stop using stupid arguments to feel superior and have contempt for homosexuals.
You have no idea why God creates all things and living beings on earth the way he creates them!
Not Adam and Steve.
8. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.22.19)
This is not a validation for your family; especially by God! Your family cannot reproduce themselves (Your children are adopted!); Therefore, there is no marriage! Why should others be forced to pay for this sham!
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