Israel expands Gaza fishing zone amid reports of six-month truce
Published: 21.05.19, 13:28
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1. The fact that Hamas agrees to only 6 months.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.21.19)
means taqqiya is alive and well. It simply gives Hamas 6 months to replenish their rocket supply.

If they truly wanted peace, Hamas would come out and say they are renouncing violence against Israel. But they won't. They can't. If they did, the other rabid factions would kill them all. Psychopaths make poor neighbors, as Israel has known for decades.
2. We send "Palestinians" goodies. They send us rockets...
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.21.19)
No other nation has ever negotiated a deal like Israel has with "Palestinians". We send "Palestinians" food, money, electricity, work permits, protection, expanded fishing rights and many other goodies...They send us rockets, terrorists, boycotts, demonization, murder and even other type of harm. It is way past time for Israel to permanently cancel this insane deal.
3. bibi is a nerd
jay   (05.21.19)
he was described by some as a nerd in the idf according to my memory. what do you think arabs will do with expanded fishing zone. this is a shmuck who offers concessions like its his first name.

that he leads, and people like gantz and lapid are leading politicians, shows how weak Israeli leadership is.

all enemies know bibi is weak as he buckles before erdogan, sissi and hamas. you think sara would kick some sense into him.he acts like a scared rabbit.
4. most of idf generals have been poor guarantors of israel
narty   (05.21.19)
generals have been againt nuclear hits, against annexation which israel lhas every right to. guys like eisencott, gantz, and barak of course cry wolf about dangers to israeli security if we annex.

guess what- i would rather sit on the high ground than be confined to the narrow waist of israel.

when it comes to israeli national rights, forget about most generals. they are next to useless. there are few good in war and that is it.
5. Gazans will be good to minority Jews in Palestine Israel
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