Netanyahu's pre-indictment hearing postponed till October
Ynet, AP
Published: 22.05.19, 14:12
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1. we're a Dictatocracy: a heartbeat away from a dictatorship
Blue Dyer ,   Israel   (05.22.19)
Dictotocracy a form of government that isn't completely a dictatorship and isn't completely a dictatorship but rather a shatnez (see Vayikra/Leviticus 19:19) a very strange shatnez combination of the two!
Sigh. Once we were warriors, a free people in our own land.
Sigh. Now we have placed a mortal above G-d.
Sigh. In a few more heartbeats we'll give up and become the possessions of a dictator.
2. Nope,we're in the process of dismantling Supreme Courtocracy
3. What Trump will do to Dems in the US, Bibi shall do to
Druuuuuucker & Co.!
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