Trump has been kind to Israel, but it might end in disaster
Lior Weintraub
Published: 22.05.19, 23:25
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1. A Dem-president will spell the end of USA as we know it, so
we'd better make it on our own anyhow....
Besides: Trump will serve his second term for sure.
2. Democrats are imploding, Hillary is on her way to jail&so on
3. No reason to over think.
DSM ,   USA   (05.23.19)
The Democrat party, as it now exists, is anti Israel, anti Jew and close to anti American. It is in the hands of Omar, Talib and AOC. Pelosi has lost control. This party has made it ok for all Jew haters to come out of the closet. As long as Trump is the president, Israel has nothing to fear, yet I believe the majority of American Jews will continue to vote for the Democrat party. That is very sad.
4. Why is it?
Dan ,   USA   (05.23.19)
Why don't Jewish Democrat Congressmen speak out against the anti Jewish, anti Israel comments made by Talib, Omar and AOC, all tolerated by House Majority Leader Pelosi. As,once again 1935 approaches, Jewish leaders remain silent.
5. Ok Lior is right
Boaz   (05.23.19)
I will email the American administration and ask them to stop supporting Israel. No political support, defense aid and no fighter jets. Are you happy now?
There is something that convince me to think more and more that a leftist brain is wired differently.
6. Totally out of touch article
David ,   New york   (05.23.19)
As if being victorious over the Palestinians is a bad thing
As if the Democrats aren’t already controlled by the radical antisemitism left
As if we should be afraid of too much success (as if their not out to destroy us no matter what)

Pretty self destructive thinking
I’m glad I don’t think that way
7. Palestinians are "the ultimate victim" of their own design
Jake   (05.23.19)
The author of this article got it only half right.
The palestinians are increasingly seen as "the ultimate victim", true indeed, but of their own failed decisions, policies, decisions, and leadership.
Ultimately no one can save the one who is a hazard to himself.
8. Then there's that unforeseen meteor that may strike Earth...
Ezekial Haim ,   London   (05.23.19)
Obama was a failed experiment and will not be repeated as Obamism
has lost all its legacy and no one will dare repeat it.Israel support is entrenched in American law and will be extremely hard to dilute or reverse.Omar and Tlaib are useful people as they demonstrate how anti-Israelism also represents racism and anti-Americanism which is bound to fail.The Democratic party will pay the price for allowing hatred and racism to penetrate its ranks.
10. m
moishe   (05.23.19)
Trump may demand too much from Israel so he can boast a done deal with Arabs.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.23.19)
Has Israel ever put its rights in international law on the table? NEVER! As during a trial keeping mute but waiting for the judge to defend your case. The author of UNSC Resolution 242 had the guts to remind the permanent members of the Security Council the existing Article 80 of the UN Charter, and telling them that once the Sinai Desert will be evacuated by Israel after a peace process, NO OTHER territory could be requested to be evacuated. Ever heard an Israeli leader pronouncing Article 80? Not even Netanyahu!!! Just a reminder: Article 80 reaffirms ALL the League of Nations decisions, including the “Mandate for Palestine”, that gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, at least, because Article 25 of the Mandate became null and void 14th of May 1948!
12. Israel is built to weather and strengthen from hardships
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.23.19)
The Democrats have turned their back on everything America stands for. Like every other tyrant, they embrace harsh gun control to disarm and disempower citizens. They are champions of socialism and Islam. They are agents of the vile New World Order. That is why Obama placed the U.N. above the American Constitution. The Democrats are a disaster for America, Israel and the Free World.

If, heaven forbid, the Democrats win the presidency, it could pose hardships for Israel. Israel was conceived in hardship. Israel is built to weather and strengthen from hardships. As for "Palestinians", we need to stop pampering them and treat them as the defeated mortal foes they are. Virtually all of Israel's serious problems are caused by mad retreats and concessions to "Palestinians".
13. Evangelists
Wayne ,   Brookline   (05.24.19)
This will not end in disaster so long as Trump needs the vote of the evangelists.

Once he does not need it. That’s a different story . He will just ignore the story in the Middle East . He really has no interest in it
14. The disaster..
DD ,   usa   (05.24.19)
will come when the same idiots in the Trump administration who brought the Iraq War create a fully armed “Arab NATO”.
15. Netanyahu should be pardoned in exchange for leaving
N ,   N   (05.25.19)
Better let him off now than descend into a political/judicial crisis.
16. Appeasment is not a solution
Matt   (05.27.19)
Appeasment is not a solution. Trump's support of Israel has only amplified an already anti-Israel Democratic party, not caused it.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.27.19)
They both put Israel in danger by trying to make her enemies as equally strong so she won’t progress as quick. Bush’s stupid idea of taking Saddam out just added more misery onto Israel. Then Obama tried it with Iran and we see how the world is just has become scared of bunch of diaper heads because of Obamas weaknesses. Trump is standing tall and really fighting for Israel on all levels. How bad can that be? He is putting maximum pressure on Iran w/o entering another stupid war.
18. For Israel's security is more important some thing else
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (09.07.19)
Israel must be on the site of the righteous, always. Israel will be on the side of those who defeated Hitler, who freed Auschwitz, who preserved all it's Jewish population from being deported, who supported Israel's foundation, who supplied the first heavy weapons to IDF which was once again a destine moment in Jewish history, who yet again defeated ISIS and preserved yet another country to become a harbour for terrorists at Israels border.
The Jewish religion adapted a new Hag couple years ago, which is equal to the celebration of the exit from Egypt, the 9th of May, and only one other entity celebrates this day, and that is exactly why Israel has chosen this day, the biggest Day of Joy - Den' Pobedy, Victory Day.
Good relationship to this entity is not only an imperative for Israel for the future of all times, it is the only way for Israel to stay secure.

For the Democratic Party, as for any other entity applies the same -they better have good relationship to the above mentioned entity.
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