Palestinians officially decline invitation to US-engineered Bahrain conference
Associate Press, Ynet
Published: 23.05.19, 08:58
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1. Ignorant Plebs
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.23.19)
They'd be there like a fly on poop if they were offered money to show up.
2. Arafat, Abbas and the leaders of hatred
RobinDennis ,   Chicago   (05.23.19)
I believe that, like Arafat, the Palestinian leaders in Gaza, now and in the future will not agree to any kind of peaceful existence with the Israelis because the need for their leadership of hatred will disappear.
3. I had no idea they were invited?! Why indeed???????!!!!!!!!!
4. The tail still thinks it can continue to wag the dog? Funny.
5. PALs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunty. LOL
Steven Gilbert ,   teaneck   (05.23.19)
6. No Jerusalem,ROR,67 borders but lots money to Pals
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.23.19)
Palestinians get to see the gold before they are told the truth on political arrangements. The rich countries think that's good enough for the paupers.
7. When in the course of human events
this human   (05.24.19)
it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers the earth, the separate and equal station... Dear Palestinian humans, your politician humans have and are denying self evident truth. I pray your consent for their governance cease.
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