Holiday feasts and gym sessions: The good life of Palestinian prisoners
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 23.05.19, 13:25
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1. Treat your PA prisoners with respect. - Best Hasbara.
Kai   (05.23.19)
... If you treat your prisoners with respect, then they could come to terms, change their mind. - At least, there is a chance.

If you only punish, they will be one day back on the street. Possibly even more fanatical, since all they learned in prison is just more pain "by the others".
Happens not only in IL, other countries, too. E.g. ask the US about Guantanamo...

- These are 'correctional facilities' no? You want them to change their ways.
(But good treatment is only one part of it. Talk to them, too)

Nothing is as 'valuable' as a former terrorist that saw the light. That person knows exactly how to influence others, still stuck in their old view.
2. The IPS is absolutly right
blabla   (05.23.19)
Do you want the prison guards to deal with violent prisoners who are bored to death because they are starring at the ceiling the whole day. A prison is a place with high tensions and it makes everyones life easier if the inmates have some distractions.

If its so luxorious in an Israel prison why dont these people go to prison. Im pretty sure a 480 NIS Television in the cell will make the 30 years sentence just fly by.
3. Execute ALL "Palestinian" terrorists within 3 days
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.23.19)
Israel can't be too kind to our would be genocidal "Palestinian" mass murderers! "Palestinian" terrorists live in luxury while their victims die violently, and the families of their victims lead shattered lives. This is obscene!

Israel should execute ALL "Palestinian" terrorists within 3 days of capture. This would stop them from murdering again and inspiring other murderers. It would also provide a measure of justice to their victims.
4. Im-tear-sue = angry fa$ci$t on their rags!
5. What a shame
Jhon   (05.24.19)
But on the other hand, how much does Bibi and his family costs us. I believe more than this f@cking terrorists.
6. So, who is lying?
I read just last week of implorable conditions, bedbugs, mold and crumbling walls, prisoners tied to beds, strip searches without just cause. Some posters called it a shonda in response.

So, which is it?
7. It's Supermax not superman...
Blabla   (05.24.19)
You mean these prisons that cost three times more to operate that Maximum Security Level prisons? The Supermax like adx Florence where prisoners also get a TV, books, exercise and phone calls? If prisons in Israel's are so "fun" why aren't you going there. Sounds like a blast.
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