Several homes destroyed as Israel battles major wildfires; massive damage to Ben Shemen woodland
Published: 23.05.19, 14:46
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1. Old news......
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.23.19)
The fire at Tel Hashomer occurred last Friday !! & not today.
2. OMG fires that start w/o Arab Fire Balloons.
Jesus Never Existed ,   NYC   (05.23.19)
3. Fires without Arab Fire Balloons, How?
NYC   (05.23.19)
4. more than several homes...
hila ,   jlem   (05.23.19)
A lot more than several homes destroyed. This is an absolute disaster! I know 3 people's homes that were burned down completely and I hardly know anyone in Israel!
5. Fire disaster in Israel proves only one thing (in my mind) :
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.24.19)
If and when weather predicts hot, dry, windy (sharav) conditions, then Israeli
government / fire department should - in any way possible - water down the country in specific sensitive areas, such as forests. And I mean - to really wet the area. Might not prevent fire, but it might prevent it spreading.
6. Lag B‘Omer is turning out to be a real disaster.
Rich ,   Toronto   (05.24.19)
The government must control how many fires are lit and there locations in the country. Everybody lighting a fire is just craziness.
7. Remember the good old days? We used to have heat waves back
then as well.
Does anyone remember devastation on similar scale?
Were there near as many fires back then?
How does sudden heat correlate with spontaneous outbreaks of fire?
We are hot country anyhow, shouldn't there be more constant outbreaks?
Does heat somehow trigger potential pyromaniac activity, be that of pathological type, or Islamic type?
Someone should look into these matters, also on international scale...
8. We're on FIRE! Who decided not to ask Turkey!?
A citizen of Israel ,   Israel   (05.24.19)
What is that?! I mean really in regional emergencies we've ALWAYS assisted Turkey and they have ALWAYS assisted us!
So all of a sudden, why like this?
We're on FIRE! We don't have time to pick and choose who will assist us...everyone is welcome to come over with their tankers and sprinkle water on us and on the land in order to save as much as possible!
9. This is 95% Islamic handiwork !
10. Some do, but that's down near the border with Gaza
Yasmeen ,   Haifa   (05.25.19)
But not farther north, like the massive fire that started in the Ben Shemen Forest.
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