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Ambassador: Israel-UK alliance strong despite rise of anti-Semitism
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Published: 24.05.19, 23:51
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1. Sure thing, mate: I wouldn't expect you to say anything else
2. Corbyn is lurking around the corner and with him his hordes
of Muslim voters.
YOU tell me what future there is for UK-Jewish relationship.
Never mind the "traditional", jolly old Jew-dislike among Brits.
3. how wil lcorbyn deal with a religous theocracy?
4. Regev ALWAYS did a good job--as spokesman and now as Ambass
Alan ,   SA   (05.25.19)
He is Ozzie origin English speaking and was able always to answer horrible interviewers without beh-meh,stop-start English like some Israeli politicians. who think they speak Shakeshpeare English
5. U R right. Not just hordes-but hordes hordes hordes hordes
Alan ,   SA   (05.25.19)
6. Believe it or not.but another great spokesman is Bennet
Alan ,   SA   (05.25.19)
He handles horrible TV interviews very well. I will miss him.
7. As in the U.S.
what are they doing for their own citizens... in the U.S., while anti-semitism is rising, their first words are "Israel" and more political legislation to support Netanyahu's agenda.

All the while looking the other way.
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