Protest against violence in the Arab sector
Hasan Shalan
Published: 23.05.19, 21:35
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1. More Muslims worldwide, incl. Israel, are killed by
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (05.24.19)
other Muslims!!!

Muslims never look inwards or take responsibility. It is always the same. Blame someone else for your own failings. If a Muslims dare to speak out he/she is excoriated. And if a non-Muslim should dare to comment, he/she is attacked with charges of being Islamophobic.

Israeli Arabs want to have it both ways: hate the State of Israel, thwart any effort to improve things, and then cry for the Govt to protect from the predation of their own fellow Arabs. What a disgusting lot!!
2. So what do they want? More police or fewer police?
David ,   New york   (05.24.19)
They complain about not doing more and then imply that the more police you have, the more crime you have
What are they proposing?
3. That is rich indeed. is there ANYTHING Arabs will not blame
the Jews for?
Or anyone else, for that matter?
4. m
moishe   (05.24.19)
if WB Arabs can't act civilly now how can they control violence if they become independent?
5. Arabs do NOTHING to help defend themselves Hypocrites !
5thColumnHypocrites ,   Jerusalem   (05.25.19)
They refuse to set up any local police stations in 99% of their communities or volunteer for any community self help programs in their own community that are in anyway connected to the Jewish State except of course Social Security
“ Israeli” Arabs are now 2o% of the population and growing each year they dream of the day they will be a majority and end the dream of the Jew for a Homeland ..wake up disconnecting from “ Israeli” Arabs must happen and Netanyahu the fake Nationalist will never do it we are already on the fast track to becoming a bi national state just look around you ..
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