UN agency aiding Palestinians rejects US bid to strip it of mandate
Published: 23.05.19, 21:56
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1. Unwra mandate was to resettle 1950 why such ingorance?
If you read all the defining docs on unwra around 1948-1950 their mandate is clearly to solve the refugee problem INCLUDING JEWS. They are pathological liars and incite violence and ignore international law.

They even prevented Israel resettling Arabs after the war in an seemingly forgotten UN resolution.

So much lies and ignorance on this conflict it amazes me.
2. Ever fewer US dollars headed for the UN
Cameron   (05.25.19)
Trump in the mood for more financial paring back.
3. Trump should defund evil UN and drive it out of America
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.25.19)
The UN, like the Nazis, is a Jew hating socialist organization which wants to rule the world. Trump should defund the evil UN completely and drive it out of America. This would assure him an honored place among the greatest American presidents in history. Other righteous nations should also end all support for the UN.
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