Firefighters fear worst not yet over as temperatures continue to rise
Yishai Porat, Inbar Tvizer
Published: 24.05.19, 10:32
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1. Why a different version?
Ilana   (05.24.19)
Can the authors of this article explain why it is written differently in the Hebrew version? 'החקירה העלתה: השריפות הגדולות לא פרצו עקב המדורות.,7340,L-5514629,00.html#autoplay
2. Terrible, terrible
Sending Prayer. Where I live people have suffered from Santa Ana winds, it is frightening. G-d Bless !
3. Where are the incendiary children's party balloons?
NYC   (05.24.19)
oleg ,   florida   (05.24.19)
Robert ,   Israel   (05.24.19)
It is very sad to hear about all the tremendous fires that destroy Israeli forests year after year. Nobody talks about compulsory firewalls that should help in incendiary cases. This is something that is written in the "cover of the book". The KKL has done great jobs planting trees in Israel. How does the KKL manage these preventive firewalls?. This is something we don't hear nor see about.
6. It is not about "nature" and all about Arab activity!!!!!!
Don't pretend to be stupid.
7. Nothing shall be "over" as long as we harbor a Fifth Column
of hostile Arabs within our borders.
I don't care if your PC-ear canals start bleeding hearing this, but it's a very simple, provable fact.
We can choose to deal with it like grownups, or (as we obviously prefer to) keep our heads buried deep in the sands of Tel Aviv beaches....
8. state should severely punish terror arsonists
jeff   (05.25.19)
throw the book at terror arson

Israel, a small country cannot accept arson terror. so balloon terror should be shot wherever found. likewise internal arsonists should be dealt a stern hand.

gantz is not the answer,not is lapid. one was a lousy chief of staff, the other , a pathetic disciple of olmert, one of the worst pms in Israel's modern history.

bennett and feiglin will come to power eventually because most of the other leaders in israel are a pack of cowards afraid to take decisive action

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