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Israeli experts come together to tackle a global problem: Bacteria resistant to antibiotics
Kevin Packer, ZAVIT – Science and Environment in Israel
Published: 26.05.19, 19:22
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1. New study just showed cranberry can help..
2. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.06.19)
Antibiotic resistance to drugs like penicillin is increasing. The antibiotic drug of last resort is call caltinene. This drug is only 75% effective because of antibiotic resistance. Bacterial Meningitis is deadly and requires a booster shot shortly after it is given as well as for cocaine.
3. Research NOT needed: Nat.remedies better than drugs!!!
TheWall   (06.12.19)
100 years ago people use Natural remedies to kill bacterias and viruses.
90% of today's viruses did not exist.
Regardless, even today ALL of today's viruses, half of which are created in a biological warfare lab in Long Island, can be eliminated with powerful things like Oil of Oregano, Grapefruit Seed extract, Colloidal Silver, Iodine(interrnal and external), Grapeseed extract, probiotic strain like Bacillus effectively kills MRSA...etc.
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