Haredim accept compromise proposal, Liberman digs in
Yuval Karni, Kobi Nachshoni, Shahar Hai
Published: 26.05.19, 21:21
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1. Thank Heaven for Liberman
Jake ,   Dallas   (05.26.19)
Otherwise it’s Haredi blackmail non-stop.
2. When Jews think they are better than Jews, priceless
3. Why should Liberman “compromise” ?
Jake ,   Dallas   (05.26.19)
That’s giving the Haredi what they want because they know the govt will never enforce the law - otherwise the Haredi will threaten to leave. There will be zero enforcement. Liberman is right. He ran on this and he owes it to his voters
4. No use blaming Lieberman for what
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.26.19)
Is a Haradi blackmail.Their is no compromise-every citizen is equally responsible to enlist or perform national service.It is inconceivable that others should carry the burden - there is no reason why you can't study Torah and serve.
5. Sitting in Knesset is Haredi cash cow.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.27.19)
They don't want to lose the cash cow so they compromise for it even if it means having to associate with Jews they don't want to associate with,
6. Wow, well played.New elections, Right wipes the table clean!
7. Be careful what you wish for
Yossi Adler ,   Jerusalem   (05.27.19)
So, there will be more haredim in the IDF. And then you know what will happen. They'll start making more religious demands to accommodate the religious soldiers' requirements. And then you'll all be yelling "stop the religious coercion in the army!! But, then it'll be too late. If you're thinking the IDF will "change" them -- don't count on it. A handful maybe. But, the influx of large numbers of haredim into the army will turn the IDF into something most Israelis don't want. The IDF itself is not even interested in trying to force masses of haredim to serve against their will. Those who want to serve are already joining up. Let sleeping dogs lie! Leave it alone. You will all one day ask yourselves, "why did we do this in the first place...?"
8. The haredis willing to compromise...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.27.19)
but not written in law is just a political survival ploy that stinks. After Netanyahu has formed a coalition, the compromise can change to suit the haredis stand of no drafting of yeshiva students, why? Because it's not a law. The compromise of haredis is just a temporal assurance to make Israelis look shallow without a firm view of a more stable future government.
9. Datim
douglas klein ,   ft lauderdale   (05.28.19)
If the Datim cannot or will not fight for the country that protects them so that they can be bums and live off their wives while they study some gods word, then they do not deserve to be in Israel and enjoy the blessings of the country that is protecting them/. Perhaps it is time to send them back to the Pale or Poland where they would be happier in the shtetyl I am sure the poles would love to have them back or better yet to Tehran....
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