Hezbollah paying the price of Iranian obstinance
Dr. Yaron Friedman
Published: 27.05.19, 23:35
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1. Hezzbie better sell off 150k missiles for scrap metal
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.28.19)
2. Obama.
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon   (05.28.19)
I wonder what was so good about the Hezbollah that President Obama could not do the same sanctions against Iran and against the Hezbollah.
3. Let us thank and support President Trump.
Tom's Calms ,   Valence, FR   (05.28.19)
Despite such news, we can be sure the American Jews will rally behind the Democrats. We must acknowledge that Jewish suicide is not limited to past events at Masada.
4. No kidding, no funding for terror?What's the world coming to
5. I sure would like to see those fat boys...
this human   (05.29.19)
standing beside the poor Lebanese, Iranianian, and Palestinian folk.
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