Palestinians slam countries participating in U.S.-engineered Bahrain 'workshop'
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Published: 27.05.19, 11:06
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1. Obama tried to re orientate US M E policy so that M E states
Alan ,   SA   (05.27.19)
were to be placed in orbit around the Iranian sun .-Iran was to play the main role as far as US Democratic Administrations were to be concerned. Also, Israel was to be eclipsed..Today this has changed 180 degrees. . The M E States regard Israel as the ally and Obama's policy to be their interests. Accordingly, it does not suit them to support the Pals hundred years war. Their Demographics and position in M E demand rapprochement with Israel and close alliance with US. For Pals, the time has moved on. They are no longer darlings of M E states. .
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.27.19)
The idiots just keep bringing suffering to their own people by waiting for a miracle to happen for them so they can somehow get to have Israel. These guys are just happy with their paychecks and the fact that they can blame everything on fictional occupation for as long as possible.
3. Pals don't want Jewish state no matter what US+Israel offer
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.27.19)
Palestinians want to be handed the West Bank and East Jerusalem for some nebulous offer of no terror. Then they want Israel proper through a right of return. That's their idea of getting their rights through international law and UN resolutions. Until they get what they want they will resort to terror and inciting boycotts of Israel.
4. give back the lungs you got for free
remember transplant ,   la cote d azur   (05.27.19)
while other died waiting, ungrateful c#nt!
you should be dead by now without US Israel.
5. 'Reconsider' or what??
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.27.19)
Is that some sort of threat from the PA? Abbas and Erekat, both alive today because of Israeli medical expertise, are just incarnations of Arafat. And Arafat told us that it might take 50 years to eradicate Israel. So Abbas and Erekat are just marching to the tune of a dead terrorist. So much for new ideas.

All the attending countries have had enough with the perpetual crybabies of the PA. The world has other issues and the PA doesn't even make the top twenty.

Isn't it strange that the people of England, France and Germany come out and demonstrate by the tens of thousands when the country is going down the wrong path, yet the castrated 'Palestinian' Arabs do nothing.

Why is that? Why could the Egyptian people get rid of Mubarak yet the Palestinians can't get rid of Abbas?

The people of England, France. Germany, and Egypt all took their destiny into their own hands and shaped it.

The brainwashed indoctrinated Palestinians don't have the guts or the brains to force a change.

All the PA can do is threaten anyone who wants to upset their gravy train, even though it would greatly benefit the people. That should qualify as a crime against humanity. So why is the UN and World Court so quiet?

The PLO and the PA have retarded the growth and success of the Arabs that they claim to represent, yet the leadership and their children and friends have become wealthy.

The PLO and PA are criminal syndicates and should be eliminated, by force if necessary. It's time for the grown-ups in the room to take charge and send Abbas and Erekat into the corner wearing their 'dunce' caps.
6. No, No, No says selfish Palestinian politicians and business
this human   (05.27.19)
...people who are profiting on the Palestinian people's misery. America is pursuing a just peace for Palestinians and humanity. May the US Administration succeed so that humanity may address greater threats to humanity's continued existence.
7. Big problem is EU and Dem Party in USA..... Because of FAST
Alan ,   SA   (05.27.19)
rising Muslim Populations in,USA and EU, both want to take advantage of Muslim support to push them into positions of power...A good way to do this is by backing Muslim needs and wants.A big Muslim want is to get rid of Israel by hook or by crook! For this reason dont expect any support from EU or Dems for the Deal. or for Jerusalem or Golan recognition..In fact the Arab States like Emirates, KSA Oman etc are better friends and allies than EU or Dems of USA
Pals have been told to hang in there by Kerry and help is on the way.
8. Fake Greek Philistines slam anything that improves lives
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.27.19)
9. Palestinian people don't want a Jewish state either.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.27.19)
Neither the Palestinian leaders nor the people want a Jewish state. They believe the whole area is theirs and that Arab numbers will eventually will eventually overcome Israel so that they don't need to compromise. They just pretend to want peace so as to get Western political support and money.
10. Misleading headline. Its the PLO, not "the Palestinians"
Jake   (05.27.19)
The PLO is rejecting Trump, not their subjects. No one knows what the average Arab in Judea & Samaria or Gaza thinks about Trump's economic peace initiative, because they are both living under the boot of radical Islamic terrorists. Hamas is open about it, while the PLO masquerades as a legitimate government, while paying millions in blood money for the worst kind of jihadist atrocities known to man. To suggest that all Arabs in Judea & Samaria support the PLO, is a racist accusation implying that all Arabs are savage jihadists like Arafat & Abbas.
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