AG slams Netanyahu immunity bid, 'overreach' in court reform
Tova Tzimuki, Gilad Morag
Published: 27.05.19, 12:16
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1. Hmm, could be, but then again: maybe not..?
2. m
moishe   (05.27.19)
BB wants to be like buddy Trump. immune to all checks of power. dictators in a democracy.
3. Mandelblit talks big, does little
Disillusioned   (05.27.19)
For 3 to 4 years he's done the "Israeli procrastination thing" and dragged his feet as much as possible, in a system just filled with lazy civil servants, a third rate police force and very strange ideas about what justice is or isn't.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the most well known feature of lawyers: time is money. The more time, the more money. That's why it takes 7-8 years to get a case to court and when it gets there, it's delay after delay and judges who buy the pathetic excuses because, after all, they're lawyers, too.

This thing would never have happened in a fully functional, efficiently-run State Prosecutor's office.

And that is why we have a Crime Minister, surrounded by fraudsters, thieves and sex offenders who should, two years ago, have been indicted, convicted and booted into prison for long enough to hurt like hell.

Mandelblit is simply playing a part. He's been on his boss's side all along. Or he's been got at. You don't fall into that hole if you've been straight.

This truly is a case of Cry, the Beloved Country. Corrupted to the gills.
4. shteinitz like beilin weak weak
morty   (05.27.19)
shteinitz is much like beilin, very weak individuals. while beilin says armored cars in Arab hands protect Jews, deluded no less, shteinitz runs to trump to cut a deal with Lebanon so Israel won't have to fight enforce its maritime rights.

idf has to do a better job of toughening up recruits even desk soldiers or spokesman. how else to explain a commando who buckles under any threat ie netanyahu.
5. Immunity
E. B. Krauskopf ,   Berlin   (05.27.19)
Immunity is a normal situation for members of parliament in most countries. If it doesn't exist you get exactly the situation which hampers polititical work: Continuous desire to take some members of parliament to court.
Probably Israel has to many lawyers who need some work.
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