Liberman warns Netanyahu: I won't join government run by Jewish religious law
Shahar Hai and Yuval Karni
Published: 27.05.19, 15:41
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1. Liberman
HERMAN ROSEN ,   HOLLAND   (05.27.19)
Israel is heading to a theocracy...this will eventually result in less money
coming from Jews in America...and the crowning of Netanyahu as King

Can Liberman save the country from itself?...Maybe!..The founders had no
intention of what now passes for an Israeli government..They were secular
and the original Zionists were far from an insanely religious Israel.
Herzl never envisioned this
2. Liberman has his priorities wrong
grip   (05.27.19)
With most of secular Israelis right now proclaiming Liberman as their hero, it is without merit.

The draft law is, in fact, the most minor issue on the table right now. Forcing more haredim into the military only brings with it demands that lower army morale and insult 50% of the population - women. It's already become a restrictive place, with forced compliance with the most extreme interpretations of halachic law. Forget this issue for now. There is much, much bigger stuff to object to - and we don't see Mr Liberman objecting to these things. As he darned well should.

The Immunity Bill is a sickening forerunner to the total dissolution of an independent judiciary. It will allow people in high places to do whatever they like, at whoever's expense and never be made accountable for it.

There will be more and more religious demands on all the citizenry. This will eventually lead to the Jewish version of Islamism, in which women, in particularly, will become second class citizens and ALL places of entertainment, eateries etc will be forced to close.

The annexation of the West Bank will unleash massive and violent reactions not only by Arabs in the occupied territories, but with increased support from Israeli Arabs. It will have a severe and very dangerous effect on relationships with neighbouring countries. Whatever shaky "peace" has existed for 20-30 years will almost certainly be broken.

Education is likely to suffer from ultra Orthodox influence that will concentrate more on torah and less on preparing kids for careers in high tech and the sciences. Without these, the economy is going to slump big time.

These are just a few far more vital issues for Mr Liberman to pursue. And please, no more hypocrisy. He voted FOR the first Draft law and then presented it as his own later on. But once he signs in for his Defense Ministership, he will support everything. He is no better than the rest of the slugs who've sacrificed every one of their principles for the glory of their seats.
3. #1 MK Liberman isn't working alone...
Everyone - Left, Right, Center have gotten up on their hind legs and are working each one from their perspective to save the State of Israel. We've ALL had enough of P.M. is time for him to retire, go off to America and become an advisor to President Trump!
Enough is enough!
4. New found respect for Liberman!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.27.19)
Don't let us down.
5. Haredi draft law is good for secular politicians alone
zionist forever   (05.27.19)
Instead of looking to pass a law to draft the haredi there should be legislation introduced on different types of national service, military and civilian.
The army are in the process of modernisation wanting to make more use of technology and downsize on manpower with the aim of eventually becoming a professional army.
Even without the haredi the army is full of jobnicks that the army would gladly get rid of if the law allowed it.

The only reason for putting the haredi in the army is because secular Jews hate them and so secular politicians know haredi are an easy target because so many seculars hate them.
We should have national service because it’s good for the country so let’s have a civilian national service and let the military decide what they need and the rest do civilian service.

Instead of insisting the haredi go into the army to buy populist votes let’s think different and find something for everybody so the whole country benefits.
6. Leave religion out of our lives& our lives out of religion!
7. The unbridled use of the word "parasite"
Moshe Yakobson ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.19)
to describe Jews on an Israeli website is beyond appalling. Do you all have such short memories of what happened 75 years ago in Europe? Don't you realize that some of the rather descriptive terms used here to characterize religious Jews is similar and sometimes identical to what's written in Mein Kampf, or Die Sturmer? Terms they used to describe ALL Jews. Let's all take a step back from the precipice before we all fall over the cliff.
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