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German paper prints DIY kippot in face of anti-Semitism fears
Daniel Bettini, Itamar Eichner
Published: 27.05.19, 20:46
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1. "Skullcap"? We call it a kippa.
Jake   (05.27.19)
2. How noble:-) Leopard changes not his spots!
3. Solidaryty
Peter   (05.28.19)
How about solidarity with Muslims and the Poles who are denigrated in Jewish newspapers because the are blamed for anti-Semitism.
4. kippot
douglas klein   (05.28.19)
Maybe, there is hope....but.......
5. Amazing
Moaz   (05.28.19)
How we expect others to respect our kippah, yet we let a despicable Russian mobster hold the Israeli Knesset hostage. He would not sit in the same room with kippah wearers. This man is Liberman.
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