Netanyahu appeals to Liberman: We have 48 hours to avoid election repeat
Shahar Hai
Published: 27.05.19, 20:45
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1. Good For Liberman
DSM ,   USA   (05.27.19)
2. It is not the will of the majority to
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.27.19)
Exempt haredim from national service in any form or from enlisting.
Lieberman must stand by his word- a unity government without Netanyahu and without religious blackmail.
3. Liberman will wish he listened to Bibi. B&W is gone soon
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.27.19)
If there are new elections, Bibi will almost certainly win again. Liberman will get crushed. He will wish he listened to Bibi. Gantz and Lapid head a two-headed, artificial power crazed party which will be gone in two election cycles. Like Kadima.
4. Israeli democracy is dead
Disillusioned   (05.27.19)
Heading for a theocratic/autocratic banana republic.

Netanyahu is a bare-faced liar. He doesn't give two hoots about the waste of money. It's nothing to he who, unlike the prime ministers of Europe who travel on national airlines, spent more than 600 million on a luxury personal jet, who threw hundreds of millions into the pockets of the so-called "spiritually pure" hogs of the orthodox parties.

Another election is simply a vehicle that grants him more and unprecedented levels of power.

There are several elected dictators in power: Trump is one, but at least he has some constitutional restrictions. But now, Netanyahu joins the ranks of such illlustrious figures (all elected) as Robert Mugabe, Erdogan, Maduro, Al Sisi, and even the leaders of Hamas and the PLO! Well done, Israel. Enjoy the fruits.

Coming soon: covered up women, bans on movies and all flights on Shabbat, segregated streets and entrances, schools converted to yeshivas. You don't think so? Most of that has already been proposed by the bearded ones. Watch as Rabbi Netanyahu sits back and lets it happen so long as he still sits in charge.
5. Not Mr. Secuity. Not Mr. Unity. Not King of Israel...
So definitely three strikes and he's out...go home to you palace in cesaria go away
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