Knesset approves first reading bill to dissolve itself, trigger snap elections
Shahar Hay, Yuval Karni
Published: 28.05.19, 08:11
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1. So, is Lieberman happy now?
C   (05.28.19)
even if he increases his votes, which is not obvious, he will not be prime
2. Oh, Haredi students are on holiday...
Mikey ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.19)
Well, then they have 3.5 months to re-arrange their holiday schedule.
In August lots of Hiloni people are on vacation, and they would only have 2.5 months to re-arrange their holiday schedule.
Since more time is better, stick with September.
In fact, make it September 24... in the middle of Selichot week when all of the Haredim are supposed to be running to Shule every morning and not traveling the world.
3. The Israeli political model of proportional government
Al   (05.28.19)
Is flawed.

Regional representation is the only parliamentary political system that works.

Proportional representation equals no representation.
4. Oh yes
Tc   (05.28.19)
And hopefully we will get rid of Netanyahu this time.
5. What have we here?
Gala Galaction ,   Israel   (05.28.19)
Has Netanyahu's silver tongue turned to clay and his golden rule to dust?
Could it be that Mr. Security, the Master Communicator of the Nation, the consummate diplomat is not going to be crowned king of a theocratic Israel?
Has he, who is sure he was chosen by G-d to rule, fallen from G-d's grace?
I don't know the answers to these and other questions...
What I do know is that the State of Israel is more than the rule of just one man.
Whether Netanyahu wins this round or not, the State of Israel will endure!
6. looks like Bibi didn't know what he was looking for....
and so at the moment he is clueless as to what he has found.
7. m
moishe   (05.28.19)
proportional representative governments are not the most efficient way to run a country. too many examples of it exist. on the other hand, parliamentary government has problems as well. which leaves the most efficient government to be a dictatorship. there must be a better way to run a democracy.
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