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Germany urges people to wear kippa in solidarity with Jewish community
Published: 28.05.19, 11:18
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1. My nephew, one C. Rettenmoser, never takes his kippa off !!!
Noodles   (05.28.19)
2. and I, never take mine on.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.29.19)
Israel only brings me feelings of disappointment and shame.

after you know it, you want to get away from all that is Jewish. Israel is the main responsible for the assimilation, of which they complain so much.
3. 80% of antisemitic attacks are by Muslims
Igor ,   Germany   (05.31.19)
The statistics by which 90% of the antisemitism comes from the right is fake. First, any antisemitic attack in Germany is automatically classified as "right" unless proven otherwise. Since most attackers are never caught, this severely slants the statistics. Second, the statistics conflates swastika drawings with more serious crimes, like firebombings and physical attacks on Jews. The latter are in >80% of the cases perpetrated by Muslims, although Muslims comprise only about 5% of the German population.

See, page 21.
4. Beau Geste
Nick Helder ,   Swansea UK   (05.31.19)
A kind recommendation in no way different from wearing a Phrygian cap for a few days in a monarchical country, which, however, we have to thank.

What would be worrying would be that this handsome gentleman would recommend to his compatriots that they should seek out Brit Milah urgently, including the seat of honor for Elijah. That would really imprint character and make a qualitative difference.
5. The Wide Jewish Canal
Nick Helder ,   Swansea UK   (06.02.19)
In the same way that Sharon's roses embellished the valley where they once grew, the Jews, regardless of their beliefs and practices, improve the world with their very presence.

The best test for assessing a country's level of freedom is to measure the level of fear of its Jews to think and behave publicly as such, without scare of being watched and harmed by anyone.

Any nation without Jews, or where they are afraid to wear their kippas and their haredi garbs, is a nation without freedom of thought; a nation where the minds of ordinary men are self-censoring so as not to contradict political and religious dogmas.

A people who are afraid to think is a people of slaves who always wait for the orders of their fearsome masters. Some call that Unity and Loyalty, affections that the shepherds of men exalt above all. But, since creating is the fullness of thought, a nation afraid to think will always be at the rear of progress, everlastingly condemned to impoverish itself to enjoy a bit of innovative civilization.

The dramatic decline of Europe since the end of WWII was due to the loss and diaspora of its Jews, because we, only we, ashamed, always hidding in the shadows, were the true brains of the amazing progress of some of its nations.

Had it not been for the Jews, Europe would remain the same as in the Middle Ages, those dark times during which the Roman Church was the absolute owner of one-third of the continent's lands, as well as all that was above and below them, including people.

Being a Jew means making a permanent abode right in the midst of the unlimited freedom of thought.
6. Do not trust the German's
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.12.19)
My plea to all German Jews is to make Aliyah to Israel as soon as possible. Do it while you still got the chance, don't trust the German's, remember the holocaust, I have read somewhere this Merkel is a kin of Hitler.
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