Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Liberman is blackmailing Netanyahu for the future of Israel
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 28.05.19, 23:40
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1. Time to put the Haredi blackmailers in their place..
Time to put the Haredi blackmailers in their place. All the sheep can go baa baa baa all the way to the draft board.
2. A 2nd chance
Tc   (05.29.19)
To get rid of Netanyahu for good. Oh yes.
3. Perfectly expressed! (n/t)
Vered, Israel   (05.29.19)
4. If one CHOOSES to view Liberman as Robin Hood, then this
interpretation will do.
If not, then he is just a calculated politician like the rest and all this pious posturing is just that: posturing.
5. A Tzaddik, if there ever was one (NOT!!!!)
6. How phony can you get Mr. Yemini?!
7. haredi
victor ,   berlin   (05.29.19)
Do the haredi realy think that they are better than other jews?
If they refuse army, and behave as parasites they have no right to vote, neither be represented in the knesset,.

They are not only cowards, but are enemies of the state of israel
8. It is hard to believe
i   (05.29.19)
that a professional politico with tens of years of experience would make a stand for a principle or the morality. There must be something else that the press does not report and the public does not understand...
9. now you wish you had bennett
joe   (05.29.19)
if bibi had any backbone,he would tell leiberman to go to hell as he cannot be trusted. talking big as defense minister, he was unable to outwit bibi's pacifist tendancies to only do the minimum against hamas.

lieberman cannot be trusted.

bennett who should have had defense ministry was a real patriot unlike avigdor who plays games. one day he is john kerry, the next day he is putin.

should bennett get back in the next election, he eihter has defense or bibi will find himself in the same boat. bibi is miscast in security because runs scared and has no real feel for the battlefield.
10. Its quite simple.Is it right that the majority of
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.29.19)
Our young serve and protect this country while others don't?Is it correct or even righteous that our sons and daughters give their lives whilst others take?
Shame on us for not standing up for all those who died protecting this country for all those who serve and for those who will serve.Shame on us for sheltering what amounts to cowards hiding under the pretense of religion.
11. That's rich
Isaac Storm   (05.29.19)
You had the rule of the minority (or really the unelected) push through by bribes the Oslo Accords, bringing in a terrorist group that Israel cannot get rid of and of course won't make a deal with Israel - and you dare talk of "rule of the minority" - that's rich.
12. Articles so full of hatred to one side are dull
Doctor peace   (05.29.19)
feels like 75 years ago someplace in Europe...
13. Right vs Left will be over. It will be Secular vs Religious
Eventually we will have voting blocks that are religious vs secular. Once those moronic secular likundiks will realize that the ultra orthodox are ruining this country, they will begin to vote along a new secular block, without regards to right vs left.
14. Sometimes Ben Dror is incredibly naive
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.29.19)
Lieberman doesn't give a damn about the Draft Law. Bibi tried to destroy Lieberman's party during the election campaign , spending millions on campaigning in Russian on Russian social media. He failed and Lieberman is now taking his revenge....he is bringing down Bibi without attacking him. It is enough to put a little spanner in the works and the Haredim are perfect for that job. The Haredim will make Lieberman a hero with seculars and Bibi with no coalition and no immunity will face the courts and political oblivion - Lieberman is smiling from ear to ear.
15. It's about time
Stan ,   Israel   (05.29.19)
When will Israel separate religion from politics?
16. Full support for Lieberman
Oliver ,   Eilat   (05.29.19)
I fully support Lieberman on this no compromise to the to the black coated ones all must serve no exuses.
17. What if Bibi's party will gain even more seats after 9/17/19
leo ,   usa   (05.30.19)
18. Liberman blackmailing Israel?
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (05.29.19)
He most emphatically is not; on the contrary he is hoping to prevent the Haredi/Ultra orthodox from blackmailing the Israel majority of reasonable and normal thinking population and sending a message to Netanyahu that to remain in power is not worth the subjugation of the absolute obligation for society to be equally responsible for the protection of the nation state and all the "duvening and head shokling" is no substitute.
19. Charidim
Zvi Fink ,   Modiin   (05.30.19)
Lieberman can have his principles,
the Arabs don't have to do army or national service because of their principles but the charedim arn't aloud to have their principle of studying torah as a higher value. I am not a charedi and don't agree with them but it is intellectually dishonest not to recognize their right to have a different view of the matter.
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