Trump team to meet leaders of Israel, Jordan as it sells Mideast plan
Associated Press
Published: 29.05.19, 08:36
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1. If they're selling they are making money! we aren't buying!
2. Non-elected Jewish "official" rams agreement down our throat
Who is this little no-body who thinks he can run Israel and the rest of the region?
3. this isn't dialogue w/ Israel this is dialogue w/Kushner!
...and Kushner as we all know IS NOT Israeli, he is American.
perhaps the leaders of the Gulf States are not aware that there is a difference?
Of course it is possible that the Gulf States wish to curry favor with the United States...and that is fine.
But it really does need to be crystal clear...Kusher and Greenblatt are AMERICANS, they may be classified as Jewish-Americans who think highly enough of themselves to think they speak for Israel...but they do NOT!
4. Gotta love it!
Are we all to believe that Kushner, the son-in-law and Greenblatt, the former executive vice president and chief legal officer of the Trump Organization are working to improve life for all of us in the Middle East? Are we sure?
Or is it even remotely possible that these two are merely personal envoys of the Trump Organization working under the patina of working for the POTUS?
The levels of hubris that these two bring to their "deal of the century" are simply astonishing! Where do these two think we are? Perhaps they are in some New Jersey warehouse looking for a fire sale?
Because. word. they are just looking out for themselves.
5. How rude! Forcing hosts 2 meet during Ramadan...
are these people really that clueless?
6. Hungarian-American & Belorussian-American trying 2 hard!
Really where does this leave all of us Middle Easterners?
7. Trump Team: Unschooled in diplomacy...
because everyone knows that holding talks during Ramadan is just as disrespectful as holding talks on Yom Kippur...
it just isn't happened to conceited and uneducated American Jews!
8. "There will be no economic prosperity in Palestine without
Alan ,   SA   (05.29.19)
the end of the ISRAEL" .That is the English translation of Erekat's one-liner.
\Unfortunately Erekat and the Pals don't realize that they will NEVER defeat Israel by ANY means they believe will work..... ie Rockets, Wombs Terror etc etc.Saudi and the Gulf States realize this. Egypt realized this 40 yrs ago Jordan GOVERNMENT (not general population) too. Others such as Morocco.and Oman. All these have pressing development needs. Also, they see Iranian threat as insuperable without Israel assistance. They have noted Israel is not scared to have taken on Iran in Syria .In the end, I believe the aforementioned will attend the conference in Manama. They will tell Pals -"You never accept or will ever accept ANYTHING for peace. So we will go ahead to satisfy our needs and you can spend forever with your dream of destroying Israel.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.29.19)
He is not even the real elected president now. His term was over long tome ago. He knows PLAIS will vote for HAM ASS so he won’t have an election.
10. When Kushner, Trump &Co make one-way Alyia, without
any possibility of going (running) back to the US, then they can gamble with MY life, freedom and security!
Until then, if it doesn't please them, they can pack their toys & scram...
11. Kushner has no clue!
eli ,   tel aviv   (05.30.19)
But he is not the one who makes history, whatever money he wastes on flimsy illusions. Kushner, you'll have to wake up some day!
12. m
moishe   (05.30.19)
Kushner is selling another 'fantastic, greatest Trump deal'. can be worse than bankruptcy.
13. Fellow Masons meeting with members of the Lodge.
NYC   (05.30.19)
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