Israelis must decide: Zionism or annexation
Tamir Pardo
Published: 29.05.19, 22:18
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1. Democracy is not important and inappropriate
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.30.19)
If there is no compromise towards peace and coexistence by the Arabs then just carry on the way things are. Just like in Syria Egypt Jordan etc.
Why create another Gaza terrorist state with a once off democratic election?
2. Stay the course.....
DSM ,   USA   (05.30.19)
forever. There is no need to give up land ( it hasn't ended well ) and no need to annex.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.29.19)
Protecting Zionism, Mr. Pardo, means having sufficient territory to put an end to the Jewish problem in the world. That means having sufficient territory to integrate eventually even a few other millions of Jews if their existence outside of Israel becomes precarious. Where would you settle them? In 100 meters high apartment buildings spread all over, inside the "green line", as it started already as I could read? Or are we back to the old ideological struggle between the Herzl Doctrine followed by Jabotinsky, versus Ben Gurion’s opposition to Polish-Jewish mass immigration, in the late thirties, that would, as he said, put in danger the socialist build up of the country?
4. The piano
Me   (05.30.19)
He said "I am not leaving my grand piano. There is no way that the nazi party will deport us and I am not leaving without my piano." This is what the father of my mother in law said. He is now a statistic and a name on a wall.
Why the left is so stubborn to think that arabs will ever accept anything else than from the river to the sea? They are not going to change, nazis didn't change.
5. Well of course!
eli ,   tel aviv   (05.30.19)
We're on the way!
6. Zionism will not end as a result of coalition talks.
Rich ,   Toronto   (05.30.19)
It will end from climate change. And no money or weapons will be able to stop that. Don‘t believe it. You just have to go on You Tube and checkout the videos on Arctic and Greenland ice melt. The ice is going away bringing hot temperatures, drought and sea level rise that will end the Zionist State. So enjoy it while you can. Israel‘s days are numbered.
7. Who knew?
David Schreiber ,   Massachusetts   (05.30.19)
The man who wrote the article was the Head of the MOSSAD just a few years ago. He was actually appointed by Netanyahu. Amazing that all the people making comments are some much smarter than him. I guess any dope can be head of the Mossad. Who knew?
8. Israel + 100% of Judea & Samaria = 67% Jewish majority
Jake   (05.30.19)
One of the big lies repeated often about Israel, is that integrating our ancestral heartland of Judea & Samaria, will turn Israel into an Arab majority state. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Jewish majority in the land of Israel, including all of Judea & Samaria, is 67% and growing.
9. Whatever "vision" there was back then, it sure as hell did
not take into account Islam's genocidal tendencies...so take your
vision and shove it!
10. He's absolutely right
David ,   Netanya   (05.29.19)
But of course a bunch of fanatical settlers and rightists will doubtlessly arrive in the comment section soon to inform the former commander of the Mossad that he's ignorant.
11. ANNEXATION = ZIONISM ! The rest is blah blah.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.30.19)
12. Judea and Samaria is not westbank.
jochair Thojssen ,   kfar saba Israel   (05.30.19)
Westbank is the area along the Jordan river.There is no question about annexing Judea/Samaria, Just do it.
13. The article is lying about Menachem Begin
Jake   (05.30.19)
Begin gave up the Sinai, but adamantly rejected any compromise on Judea and Samaria, holding these areas to be an inseparable part of the Land of Israel and championing Jewish settlement there.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.30.19)
"Menachem Begin was a visionary,... weighing the cost and benefit of losing strategic depth in the Sinai Desert, in exchange for an end to war between the nations". Are you ignorant or do you take advantage of the people being ignorant. Begin knew very well that the Sinai Desert was no part of the Mandate for Palestine, but an integral part of Egyptian territory. As a former director of Mossad Intelligence Agency, I would expect from you to stick to facts!
15. Begin was wrong.....
Eliyahu   (05.30.19)
The Sinai was mandated long before Mitzraiim populated it. It has been a time bomb peace since camp david.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.30.19)
Able to convince their followers that they need to have more so Mahdi can show up. The problem of PALIS is ideological more than it is territorial. Of course, if more of them gets rich then they will not listen to the mullahs as much. The only viable solution is for PLAIS to make friends with Jordan and Egypt and Israel all together. Otherwise, this will go on for another 100 years
17. you think peace comes from shrunkenborders
jeff   (05.30.19)
nverending brings frustration. like others before him, pardo falls into the trap of peres, believing that truncated borders brings some kind of peace where experience shows it makes it worse.

as for demographics, pardo is lying plain and simple.

sharon would have changed course if he had lived. his gaza expt backfired and that ,much is cler 100%. rockets would be lfying on tel aviv non stop with pardo's prescriptions.

18. More calls from failed leaders to create Gaza 2.0 in Judea
We tried this in Lebanon, Gaza and n WB. Only an idiot or a blind ideologue would support giving a terror group like Fatah full control of much pf the WB.

No different to Isis and they have no intention to give up their aim to wipe out the Jewish state.

Why not set up a Nazi minority state in Israel while we are at it?

Sounds like a Palestinian apologist saying it will lead to violence.
With 5-10 terror attacks daily continuously for years is this a joke?

The left will mostly disappear next election for good reason and acknowledgement of reality.
19. Decide: Viable state or 9 mile wide concentration camp
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.31.19)
Israel's real decision is to have a viable state or a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Judea and Samaria have belonged to Jews for more than 4,000 years. Judea and Samaria make Israel viable. It is obvious to any child, capable of reading a map, that without Judea and Samaria, we have a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Not a state.
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