Dissolving Knesset, Netanyahu blames Liberman for 'unnecessary and wasteful' elections
Associated Press
Published: 30.05.19, 09:01
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1. I would say
Me   (05.30.19)
The Haredim are giving a fair share. We fight for the country and they pray for the country. This is full time job. Shaharit, mincha, arvit. Try it too. Takes us 4 hours on Shabbat with Mussaf.
2. More debts in millions of shekels to make another election!
hesky   (05.30.19)
3. Wonderful News!
Rich ,   Toronto   (05.30.19)
Israel need‘s a Prime Minister who is not a criminal and trustworthy. That‘s definitely not Netanyahu.
4. Finally it is time for ELECTORAL REFORM
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.30.19)
Let us pledge our support for a party that will energetically campaign electoral reform, to elect MK's unswerable directly to the voters land not PARTIES. There are a number of excellent proposals.
5. One more opportunity...
AB   (05.30.19)
To get rid of this POS of PM for good this time, with G.d's help.
6. He meant he did all in his power to avoid criminal charges
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.30.19)
And that repulsive wife of his should be given a criminal record for helping her overly-entitled self to state funds, not just pay back a fraction of what she took - And his kids? well, they also didn't fall far from the tree - the entire family (minus his daughter) are a bunch of megalomaniacs - vile people with no values. Shame on them! Our country deserves so much better.
7. Nice conspiracy: it’s a pre-arranged deal in order to avoid
confrontation with Trump over his inane “Deal of the Century “...
This puts a full stop to these childish machinations of otherwise good man& President. By the time we get a new govt, it’ll be elections campaign in the US, not a good moment for eventual fiasco (yet another one) in the Middle East..
8. As usual blaming others. Pathetic!
Doda ,   Givatayim   (05.30.19)
After 4 seasons of his rule he still blames everything on former governments. Every personal failure on those around him. And all legal issues on being set up. Time he owns up and pays his dues.
We need a change - not this weak dictator wannabe.
9. #1 I have a friend who is religious physician...
Taka, he's haradi,
he prays three times a day,
he did the army and today does regular miluim (reserve duty)
he learns with his chevrusa 3 times a week,
he works in a hospital,
and together with his wife he is raising 10 children...
he has never once in the 40 years I have known him complained as you just did.
Shame on you for being such a whiner!
10. Netanyahu is that condo association member who...
is FOREVER complaining and blaming the other neighbors,
if/when he pays his condo association fees, pays them late,
AND drives all the other condo association members crazy with his requests.
...and when the condo association takes him to court, he blames them for bringing a frivolous suit.
Finally the condo association having had enough...buys him out and sends him on his way!
11. It is time to say: Good riddance to bad rubbish...
This whole situation his Netanyahu's fault!
So it is really time to pay him back in kind...let's vote him out of office!
12. He's blaming everyone but himself
Gracey ,   Israel   (05.30.19)
Time to grow some balls - stand up in front of your countrymen and admit you messed up and that you are useless - THAT would earn you more respect - just for being honest.
13. Liberman will be kicked out of the Knesset for what he did
Jake   (05.30.19)
He will rise in the polls at first, and then he will fail to pass the threshold. The man is an ego maniac who overplayed his hand and caused a 2nd election in 6 months. He had no mandate, with his 5 lousy seats, to drag the country to elections.
14. vote for bennett
jay   (05.30.19)
Lieberman is correct in describing bibi as a leftist. that is why he invited gabbay in as a last ditch effort. he buckled under Lieberman pressure and offered him the moon.

he simply cannot handle a major war with nasrollah. bibi lacks guts period and the idf should have thrown him out of service in my opinion.

on the other hand, Lieberman cannot be trusted day he is john kerry, the next day he is putin. he should have convinced bibi to smash hamas severely in the last gaza encounter. he was not able to, so that is the end of the story.he talks tough but did not deliver the goods. bibi we know is weak.

so rather than vote for bibi or lieberman, vote
for Bennett who can say no trump. bibi cannot say no to trump. he lacks guts.
15. What's the overall IDF enlistment rate?
Jake   (05.30.19)
Not only among Haredim, but overall, it is far from universal:,7340,L-3562596,00.html
16. blame you blame me
blame you together, naturally
17. delusions-face reality
ed   (05.31.19)
gantz was late and passive in protective edge for which he was severely criticized by comptroller shapira along with bibi and yaalon. gantz has not initiated or led any dramatic idf operation that i can think go with your blue and white, and concede on west bank.then you will be crying when rockets pulverize ben gurion airport and tel aviv. jews never learn from history.

bennett's war shows leadership ability unlike bibi who is a weakling, or yaaon and gantz who sat on their rear ends in the gaza war.
18. Too many parties in the Knesset
Mr.Reason   (06.01.19)
There are too many parties in the Knesset.
Liberman has delivered what his supporters have expected.
It's not about heredim, but about justice when serving in military, and other rules which secular Jews don't like.

A compromise must be found, besides the need to elevate the threashold to get in to Knesset, similar like in Germany.
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