Ultra-Orthodox party leader to Liberman: We won't forget your extortion
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 30.05.19, 15:34
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1. Haredi low lives!! Leiberman is a stand up guy!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.30.19)
I have NOTHING but the upmost respect for him for standing by his promises and beliefs. He has so taken a giant leap up the great guy ladder! The haredi lot are terrified they'll actually have to GIVE BACK to the country instead of take take take - feh! the are revolting.
2. Teapot calling the kettle black.
NYC   (05.30.19)
3. Secular are Haredi's slaves. Haredi don't work, serve,...
NYC   (05.30.19)
pay taxes.
4. Extortion?That their kids go to the army like everyone else?
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.30.19)
The Haredim want to impose themselves on everyone else but not be imposed on themselves.
5. Shalom I support Lieberman the Haredi
Tehraniporou   (05.30.19)
Should stop blackmailing the society at large with their “insular quest”.

They should be conscripted or work in the magen David alom

6. orthodox
Victor   (05.30.19)

7. Haredi Party
hollander ,   Amsterdam. Holland   (05.30.19)
What a gutspah of the Haredi Party to use the word extortion. It is they that hold the whole country to ransom and abuse the opportunity of the wish of emperor BIBI to hold on to the throne. So rather then trowing mud what is their solution to heal the country. And I do not simply mean the best solution for a small number of yeshiva students who to say it least insulting , do not contribute anything positive to the country they live in and which keeps them safe. Or do they believe that it exclusively the work of the good Lord ?
8. Well the Haredi ARE experts at extortion
Jake ,   Dallas   (05.30.19)
9. Finally Standing Up to the Haredi
Gershon ,   Toronto   (05.30.19)
Good for Liberman for standing up to the United Jewish Taliban. They have extorted Israelis for decades. It is time some called their bluff. Hopefully the next election will see them gutted and ineffectual in the Knesset.
10. Haredi believe they are Priests serving the Temple.
NYC   (05.30.19)
And Israel is there to present offerings for sacrifice.
11. Without a Rabbinical letter you cannot be Oleh Chadash.
NYC   (05.30.19)
That letter would be called extortion.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.30.19)
Something is not smelling well. The ultra orthodox say they were extorted by Yisrael Beiteinu. For what Israelis can see, the ultra orthodox always sold their votes to those who would favor the army exemption for their community. They never ever cared whose party it was as long as they got their benefits. They don't even care much about Israel as The Jewish State. They are not Sionists but they receive everything from Israel.
And I ask: "why should those orthodox youngsters be differently treated from the other Israeli children?. Aren't the other children also human?.
13. Liberman is encouraging hatred against Haredim
Riva ,   Gush Etzion   (05.30.19)
He forgets that Nachal Hareidi is full to capacity! Little by little, Hareidi men ARE serving in theIDF because THEY WANT TO! Change comes slowly. Liberman should have acknowledged this and NOT GONE AGAINST THE RABBIS because perhaps, something could have been worked out later. Also it IS important to have guys learning Torah in order to give blessing to Israel, but for reality that ISRAEL IS A HOLYLAND! whichexists for the purpose of being aHOLYLAND! Liberman tried to blackmail the Hareidi party so now, the right wingers will never trust him nor will the left! And the Russians he represents are getting older and not having kids! So, he can expect a short career due to this VERY SELFISH ACT!
14. are secular youth
Shmuel Mermelstein ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.19)
who don't serve also parasites and extortionists? Didn't anyone hear Gadi Eizenkott state in a press conference just before leaving the COS post -- that only 51% of draftable youth actually serve in the IDF? And what about all the Arab Israeli citizens who don't serve? Also parasites and extortionists?
15. Lookout Liberman, Litzman coming for you with…
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (05.31.19)
his United Torah Voodoo dolls
16. In USA they are on welfare, food stamps, etc.
NYC   (05.31.19)
17. solution: expel from Israel all Heredi who refuse to serve
Rafi ,   US   (05.31.19)
Save Israeli taxpayers the yeshiva & welfare payments to these full time schnoorers...

No other country would tolerate what Israel endures with these kleptomaniacs...

...and Netanyahu & co only encourage their poor behavior for political purposes.
18. Oh, how the pots call the kettle black
grip   (06.01.19)
Their "outrage" is beyond parody.

From their very beginnings, these self-righteous cults who think they have a direct line to their god, have concerned themselves solely with their own group's welfare. They don't care two cents about anything or anybody else. And to ensure that welfare, they have used the country's (which they don't even recognize as a Jewish state) terrible electoral system to advance it by .... extortion!

The very reason why Gafni has always demanded the Finance Committee headship is well known, and he's been getting away with directing monies that should go to all Israelis to Haredi institutions ever since he got it.

It's always also interesting to observe these self-styled "holy men" lead vicious vendettas, and, despite their beloved Torah's commandment to forgive on Yom Kippur. That, of course, did not mean that you resume your resentment the day after. But that's hypocritical religion for you.

At the end of the day, they're as corrupt, mean, self-serving and selfish as everyone else. For that, they deserve no special treatment or consideration, but believe it's due to them anyway.

19. Bagalus
Bagalus ,   A   (06.02.19)
The war is on Torah only and nothing else
If your a Zionist I'm an Arab if I'm an Arab they won't
Let me later Torah since they won't let an Arab learn
Torah I'm not a Zionist
So better then Zionist I'm an Arab
Better then Arab the war is on the Torah
The war is on the Torah don't say Arab Zionist
If the Zionist was Torah Arabs then Arabs was a war
On Torah but a war on Torah was Arab Zionist then
An Zionist would Arab the Torah
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