Netanyahu hosts U.S. peace team in Jerusalem
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Published: 30.05.19, 17:00
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1. little event big fart. vote Liberman and wave Bibi goodbye.
2. Pals will boycott Bahrein meeting..Gulf+Saudi will tell Pals
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.19)
that since Pals are not interested in ANY measure BY ANYONE to uplift Pal population or resolve their misery, there is nothing further to be said or done in their so called struggle against Israel. (consider the planned meeting in June in Israel with Russia and USA) Accordingly, Pals will be told that some of the participants will enter into normal relations with Israel.The reason being that the Iranians are the demons of the ME and the M E countries need Israel as an ally..Also, there is a pressing problem demographically with a tremendous increase in youth population with the unemployment epidemic in most of the countries in the region
3. Sinwar says TODAY ....
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.19)
We developed our capabilities, and we also received financial and military support from Iran," Sinwar said. "We will only continue and improve our capabilities. If Iran had not supported us in recent years, we would not have achieved what we achieved."
4. Lame Duck Prime Minister pays tribute 2 his new god!
Oy vey! G-d help Israel!
5. Netanyahu's "little event" gets INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE
I suppose that the prime minister would also refer to a massive coronary combined with a thrombosis a "little event" as well.
Except that we all know that a "little event" such as this isn't good for Israel!
6. Netanyahu's "little event" = internal existential threat
to Israel   (05.31.19)
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