Islamic Jihad releases footage of its drones targeting IDF tank
Elior Levy
Published: 30.05.19, 18:18
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1. please resume targeted killings of IJ leaders
and vote Liberman this time!
2. the pride and joy of the palestinians
david ,   new york   (05.30.19)
some people send men to the moon but these losers dream of how to blow people up.

american created the car
the arabs made the car-bomb
america invented the airplane
the arabs perfected it with the plane-bomb
theyve even created "bicycle-bombs" and even "donkey=bombs" (not kidding you).

looks like they are most definitely on the cutting edge of man's quest for greatness
3. There would seem to be a contradiction...
Get Up On It ,   Y2K   (05.31.19)
between the steady stream of advertisements for some of Israel's defensive tech, and a reality that every other week it seems that IDF tanks, buses and other means of transport and defense are getting clobbered by 20th century tech i.e. RPG's, ATGM's, tunnels dug in the ground, etc. It's a shame that IDF tech can target incoming missiles moving at mach 1 but can't defend against an off the shelf drone, bouncing on thermals, dropping IED's atop their tank crews. Had that IED fallen a few feet in the other direction, a soldier could have been killed. Let's step it up, eh?
4. Just the fact that there is ANY electricity in Gaza... while
Eliyahu ,   Tel-Aviv   (05.31.19)
Just the fact that there is ANY electricity in Gaza... while there is the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad or any of these low-life murderous organizations in power... is an Israeli failure.

Instead of wasting money on elections and re-elections, or writing about Ehud Barach (one of the most embarrassing persona in Israel's army, politics and in the business of selling Israel's secrets - for cash)... I really wish people cared enough, so as to protect our soldiers from these terrorists.

5. Obama's precious gift to the genocidal shia terror regime
C   (05.31.19)
ever since iran has pretended that it controles the middle east, drones
have been falling out of the skies.
at the same time, drones have made a living nightmare for old man
will this ever end?
yes, but not before enormous warring with significant loss of life.
this loss of lie will seal the fate of the taqiyya regime forever.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.01.19)
Then they would really progress in every way, and did not have to try to take over by force and religion. Let’s say they start attacking with drones and even injure or kill some troops. IDF will hit back and then the result will be really horrible to Gaza for years to come.
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