Hamas leader threatens Tel Aviv, urges Bahranis to strike over US summit
Elior Levy
Published: 30.05.19, 21:09
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1. can anybody resume targeted killings please?
vote Liberman!
2. Sour milk
Ben Adam ,   Halifax   (05.30.19)
His mother must have had sour milk. It would explain his demeanor.
3. Sinwar, the man responsible for the destruction of Gaza.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.30.19)
He really looks insane, doesn't he? Pair him with Haniyeh and it's not 'good cop bad cop,' it's insane psychopath, carpetbagging jihadist opportunist.

Either way, Gaza is screwed- doomed to more useless wars until the people of Gaza decide to rid themselves of these criminals.

Sinwar can boast all he wants. Gaza's attacks are like a fly on an elephant. Piss off the elephant enough and the fly gets squashed.

But as for the Israelis who died at the hands of the Hamas/IJ attacks, Israel should deduct 10 million dollars, for each person who died, from PA tax receipts and give it to the families to help them recover. That's the least Israel should do.

Then, when Gaza is nice and quiet, and when Sinwar and Haniyeh are eating dinner, and before they hop into bed together, drop a 1000 kg bomb on their mansion. Just do it.
4. Too much TV ya sinwar
Boaz   (05.30.19)
Monty Python; The black knight
5. Kuntar was alo a swap.Cant IL give Sinwar the same treatment
Alan ,   SA   (05.31.19)
6. Anything to Prevent Peace
Ed ,   USA   (05.31.19)
Palestinians have a great deal to gain from a peace settlement.-- not just national autonomy, but a potentially flourishing economy and the possibility of real human rights--unlike what they have from their Palestinian oppressors. This is the last thing that Hamas wants. Indeed, the international BDS movement is dedicated to preventing Palestinians from ever accepting a peace that would acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state. It's a long shot, but if enough Palestinians understand what a peace deal could mean for them economically and politically, they might pressure their governments to accept one--but I am not holding my breadth.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.31.19)
Really have no clue what to do or where to go. I have no skills and I can’t teach my people any skills to make a decent living, Please help us act like refugees as long as possible until Mahdi shows up. This guy is actually extorting Bahrain? PALIS sure know how to choose dumb leaders. Someone should show him some pictures of Syria so he can appreciate what he has.
8. is sinwar attempting to influence the election?
shloime ,   toronto   (05.31.19)
9. Time to mow the lawn and shut Gaza up.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.31.19)
A bunch of prehistoric savages leading Israel by the nose because of a Prime Minister and army generals afraid to fight.
10. Yahya Sinwar
I suggest Mr. Sinwar avoid making such threats otherwise the I.D.F. will rip him a new one .
11. Muslims have not won a war in the last five hundred years
C   (05.31.19)
sinwar must think he is a great caliph.

muslims live in a world of delusion.

any attempt to destroy israel will be the end of gaza and of the
genocidal shia terror regime.
even putin is beginning to realise that russia belongs in the west.
12. sinwar
C   (05.31.19)
forget not that muslims have not won a war in over five hundred years.

israel has won all combined arab wars in 1948, 1967, 1973 and she has
won the wars in between,

the next time will not be different, just much bloodier.

one day, the people will rise up to overthrow the corrupt uncaring
regime that sacrifices its own children for the glory of allah.
13. Sinwar
C   (05.31.19)
muslims have not won a war for the last five hundred years.
14. This ghoul has to go, he's just too ugly to contemplate!!!!!
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