12 dead, 4 hurt as city worker opens fire in Virginia Beach municipal building
Associated Press
Published: 01.06.19, 09:44
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1. of the free home of the insane.
Al   (06.01.19)
2. The shooter was probably taking an SSRI or SNRI anti-depress
Rivkah   (06.02.19)
ant Rx med like all the school shoots the last three decades. Those drugs should be taken off the market since they cause a lot of people to become suicidal or murderous. To make matters worse, the head of the V.A. in President Trump's Cabinet (V.A. Secretary) just issued a letter requiring veterans using V.A. Hospitals to take anti-psychotic meds and pain meds. Most anti-psychotic meds make patients worse not better. Opioids and non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for pain are all toxic, too. People with depression need to take fish oil, a tablespoonful twice daily.
3. Evidence?
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