Israel strikes in Syria in response to Golan rocket fire, killing 10
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 02.06.19, 08:27
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1. Iran experimenting
C   (06.02.19)
the recent attacks against israel by the shia terror regime are experiments.
2. bibi's conduct
martin   (06.02.19)
negotiating with haredi parties, then kahlon, then lieberman who he offered the moon to, then at the last minute offering oslo concessions to gabbay and ben david

bibi cannot take pressure very much like olmert especially in the security field. he cannot take it simply put. he cannot manage an all out war with nasrollah and iran.

vote for bennett in the next election as gantz and lapid are no better than bibi.

i disagree with ehud barak on virtually everything. however on one point lately, i believe he is correct. bibi is finished, Israelis are sick of him and his prevarications.he will likely have to do some jail time.

they need a tough steady hand and they will get one with bennett. peres, olmert and bibi have been weaklings in comparison.

bibi boasts how strong he is in hitting single Syrian missile batteries or killing 3 or more foreign fighters. big bloody deal! this is his example of toughness??!!

as lieberman correctly said, who signed onto the disengagement? Who apologized to erdogan? Who offered to negotiate the golan?bibi did this and more. he is bloody weak!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.03.19)
Mullahs are running around to replace the bombed stuff and hope that more of their idiots will get killed again with the next strike since they have a lot that they can send in to die for their pockets. VLADI is enjoying the orders and the free resources & preparing to give the next bombing assignment to BB soon. Jihad biz is great for the mullahs. I would not be surprised if they leaked the coordinates to Israel on purpose. They don’t care. They get paid no matter what.
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