Police allows Jews to enter Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day, sparking riots
Yishai Porat, Ilana Ushomirsky
Published: 02.06.19, 10:50
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1. free and democratic society
discrimination based on religion is unacceptable and so is the pal's tantrum. more reason to asserr Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.
2. Why provoke violence?
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.02.19)
Jerusalem is suppose to be the City of Peace.
3. Be fair
Befair ,   Sweden   (06.02.19)
The Jews, those originaly from the middle east, always respect other religions traditions. Why don't the rest learn from them? Why not take lessons from the Inquitision and the Holocaust/Shoah periods throghout the rest of the world?
4. My Thoughts As An Israeli From Muslim Background
Proud israeli   (06.02.19)
If God does exist then will he accept that anyone hurts another in his name? So what if Jews visited Al Aqsa, if it's the place of worship to the true God then surely any human being is welcome to visit his place of worship. It is extremely sad that people hurt each other over fairytales.

Israel as a democratic and secular country should be in control of Jerusalem and have it available for all people of all religions. No one is the owner of truth. If there is truly a God then he would want all his creation to visit his place of worship. Violence is unnecessary and it never leaves you in a good image. People who utilise violence might want to rethink their ideology because violence starts from a sick mindset.

I truly wish Ramadan Mubarak to fellow Muslims and May Israel live on forever for a better world.
5. Insecurity leads 2 provocation; provocation lead 2 violence
Rochel Leah ,   Israel   (06.02.19)
What exactly is the point of going up to Temple Mount when according to well established Jewish Halacha this is forbidden?
The point is to provoke the Muslims.
The reason for the provocation is Jewish-Nationalist insecurity fired by Christian Messianic beliefs...which are fanned by all of the money that which the American Fundamentalist Christians pour into Israel.
Part of the solution: Stop taking American Fundamentalist money.
The other part of the solution: Let's learn to feel secure in our hold of the Land and let's leave it to G-d to choose for us when He is good and ready to establish His Eternal Kingdom.
The rest, and I mean all of the rest, is just the politicization of religion!
6. "Lets be tolerent to other religions as we would want them
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.02.19)
to be to us." This is what religion is about. You want to tell me that the Arab's Ramadan is more important than Jerusalem Day ? No, I guess what the Arabs and Jordan are getting at - is that the Jews have no right, whatsoever, on Temple Mount. Arabs have been praying for the (what) last 3-4 weeks for Ramadan - one day left aside for Jews is too much ? Arab Muslims - you'll pushing it - our button, that is. Take care.

Actually, I like better this wisdom : "Do unto others as they would do unto you."
7. Violence and it's threat is not respectable
this human   (06.02.19)
Who's extreme, humans that hurl rocks and chairs at other humans or respectful celebrants? When we accept responsibility before the being who is more than mere human we may obtain mercy. Oh being, I have trusted in Your mercy. I rejoice that You are and give thanks.
8. UN clear its illegal to deny non Muslims right to go up.
International law of freedom pf religion is clear.

Its is against the law to deny Jews and Christians the right to GP up to the temple mount.

Anyone who claims otherwise is LYING...
9. Trevor Shaff in Facebook section
Sarah Rivka   (06.02.19)
You write "It is a holy place to all three religions
1. The Temple Mount is holy to Jews: agree
2. The Temple Mount (Haram El Sharif) is holy to Muslims: agree
3. The Temple Mount is holy to Christians: disagree
Basis for my disagreement in point #3 above:
While, as set forth in the New Testament, Jerusalem is central to Christianity because of Jesus ministry here; Temple Mount is NOT central to Christianity. In fact Christianity is very clear on this point of the DE-Centralization away from the Temple Mount. I offer as proof Matthew 27:50-52; Mark 15:38-40; Luke 23:45-48 and Hebrews 10:19-22.
These 4 passages serve as confirmation that the Temple is no longer needed by Christians as they are saved by the blood of their lord Jesus Christ.
So for you to claim that Temple Mount is sacred to Christians is a fallacy based in the geo-political needs of Christianity to "encourage" the final Armaggedon War (see your book of Revelations by John) so that you can establish your Christian kingdom.
Wishing you a lovely afternoon from Jerusalem
10. Jihad Qadan please do explain...
Sarah Rochel ,   Jerusalem   (06.02.19)
If your narrative is accurate, then how do you explain the Nuba Inscription at the Mosque of Umar near Hebron?
Surely you know The Nuba incription,
it is the one from the 9th/10th century common era,
it is the one written in Arabic,
it is the one that makes a clear reference to the Jewish Temple with the words: "the rock at Bayit al-Maqdis"

The full text in translation from Arabic to English is:
"In the name of Allah, the merciful G-d
This territory, Nuba, and all of its boundaries
and its entire area, is an endowment to the Rock
of Bayt al Maqdis and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,
as it was dedicated by the Commander of the faithful 'Umar iben al-Khattab
for the sake of Allah the Almighty"

This inscription is in a mosque. I as a responsible and believing Jew accept it to be a real and true inscription that is over 1000 years old. So do tell me why don't you accept the fact that the Jewish Temple once stood on Haram El Sharif and that in fact Haram El Sharif is central, important and holy to both Islam and Judaism?
11. what's the point of the FB posts? y so violent & insulting?
12. You have riots because Israel is prolonging them.
leo ,   usa   (06.02.19)
By restricting Jewish access to Temple Mount you give Arabs an idea that they might succeed driving Jews off.

For seventy years you make the same mistake and yet refuse to learn from it.
13. As an atheist I have no beliefs in any organized religion..
another athesist   (06.02.19)
so to the unnamed atheist above...if you are truly an atheist then you have no belief in any god or any organized religion....what exactly are you going on about when you write: "Who are you or your rabbis TP dictate my beliefs or rights on your opinion on the religion"?

If you are truly an atheist then you have no debt to or interest in Judaism, then it naturally follows that you shouldn't be so overly engaged with what organized religions around you do or believe.

This of course is my position...they can do as they wish, I am free to live as I wish.
You on the other hand are falling into the trap of policing others...get over it...move on and have a very good day!

14. Who won the wars, Israelis or Palestinians?
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.02.19)
There should be accommodations for Palestinians if they are peaceful and don't riot. But Israel should be dictating who comes and goes not the losers acting like winners, Seems to be the same case in Gaza.
15. Jews can visit Temple Mount
And if muslims do not like that, they can go suck a Fishermans Friend.
16. Palestinians, expert at hyperbole.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.02.19)
They said, " which could lead to a new escalation of violence that would threaten the entire region."

I'm really surprised they didn't say, "threaten the entire world" or maybe "threaten the entire universe."

Once again, the moderate Arabs tell us that if things don't go their way, their only response will be terror. Nice neighbors, right?

I would make the entire Mount open to the public 24/7. If the Arabs can't handle it, Israel should dismantle the mosques and ship them to Ramallah or Amman and be done with it.

Moshe Dayan made one of the biggest mistakes in Israel's entire history when he didn't take absolute control of the Mount and kick out everyone else.

but if the current situation deteriorates, for EVERY terrorist attack on a Jew, close the mosques for 30 days. Multiple attacks or a bomb in a public place with many casualties, 30 days times the number of casualties. The mosques could be closed for years at a time. It's totally up to the Arabs.

There are plenty of other mosques for the Arabs to pray at.

Terrorist attack = closed mosques. No exceptions.
17. And to think that western liberals...
Sheila Ramon ,   Haifa   (06.02.19)
...want a two-state solution, even when the Palis have clearly indicated that they do not want to live peacefully with their Jewish neighbors.
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