Why I am voting for Liberman
Shai Bazak
Published: 03.06.19, 12:26
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1. "Now I will vote for Liberman"
tiki ,   belgium   (06.03.19)
Now you're vote will be lost!
2. Vote as you wish, but don't sell us this BS reasoning!
3. Right
Avi L.   (06.03.19)
4. Agreed!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (06.03.19)
Haredi Dark Ages "halakha" is a perversion, and the complete opposite, of Biblical Law, Torah and the Omni-Scient reality and real-world universe of ha-Sheim.
5. Israeli parties must find way to stop groveling to Haredim
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.03.19)
The Haredi interest is only in themselves and getting their way. Otherwise they throw stones and riot. They should be put in their place not dictating their ways to everyone else. Unity coalitions are better and more representative than groveling to them.
Israel needs to stand up to the seculars ,who are lost and confused and would have us all working seven days a week eating shrimp .
7. Wrong
Boaz   (06.04.19)
Liberman set up a trap and you have bitten the bait.
His party went down from 15 seats to a mere 5. He needed to improve his results and played the secular card to appeal to the right leaning secular/ anti religious audience. It was a calculated move to improve his results from the recent elections. A shrude move that will cost him his political life and half a billion shekels to the country.

DANNS ,   MONTEVIDEO   (06.05.19)
DR VIKTOR FRANKL established the LOGOTERAPHY school OF WIEN IN AUSTRIA The prestigious psyquiatrist and philosopher survivor of the NAZI DEATH CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN WW II was a religious man undoubtedly in the sense of believing in G-d . According to his lessons and principles if you are a FANATIC person you are not a religious person. And if you are a religious person you cannot be a FANATIC person .NOBODY IS AGAINST THE RELIGIOUS PERSON BUT MAY BE it is important to don't do favor to THE FANATIC OR ULTRAFANATIC PEOPLE >DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?IN MEDINAT ISRAEL THE PROBLEM ARE THE FANATICS NOT THE RELIGIOUS .NOW YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE ?IT IS IMPORTANT WHAT AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN THE MOLDAVIAN_ISRAELI POLITICIAN IS DOING . MAY BE HE IS IN THE RIGHT ROAD TO HALT THE FANATICS PROJECT FOR MEDINAT ISRAEL .((THE MODERN HEBREW DEMOCRACY IN DANGER FROM INSIDE with all those fanatics and ultrafanatics messianics TRYING TO PERVERT IT PROBABLY THE MOST POSSIBLE )( UNFORTUNATELY OF COURSE ) )
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