Netanyahu fires Bennett, Shaked from ministerial posts
Yuval Karni
Published: 02.06.19, 20:23
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1. the end is coming
hy   (06.02.19)
bibi is approaching the end soon enough. he will be indicted and likely convicted with a short jail sentence meted out.

his dismissal of bennett signals the end. bennett who is far more able than bibi in security matters will do very well in the upcoming elections. bibi and gantz will lead but in lesser numbers. smaller parties will arise.

Jewish people security is number one issue. gantz and lapid cannot handle it. shapira pointed this out well and bibi cannot handle it as he has been found wanting in almost every encounter with hamas. he runs after putin and trump because he has no spine himself. his attempts to attack iran are a joke. that baloon arson continues shows how ineffectual bibi really is.
YOSSI BOND ,   SAFED 007   (06.02.19)
3. Shaked is the only "only not Bibi" who can do it for Likud!
Netanyahu knows it very well and is truly shaking in his boots.
Benett, unfortunately for him, is totally expendable and will be treated as such.
Ayelet will have her day, sooner than we expect!
4. Put Ayelet at the helm of Likud and nobody, I mean NOBODY,
shall be missing Neanyahu for a moment.
The man has contributed enormously to our well-being & stature in the world and for that we should forever be grateful, (I mean that as well.)
Besides: Trump will be beaming when sitting opposite Mrs. Shaked,
believe you me :-))
5. Desperation
Jake ,   (06.02.19)
Netanyahu is starting to look desperate for the first time. That shows weakness. Calling Liberman Left after Netanyahu was negotiating to give the Labor Party ministries was pathetic. You cannot be weak and be PM and Netanyahu looks weak. Shaked for PM is a fantastic idea. Bennett can be foreign or defense minister.
OLEG ,   FLORIDA   (06.02.19)
FO ,   Belgium   (06.02.19)
Today's news, once again: European Union firmly opposed to Israel's colonization, illegal by International Law, putting in danger the two-states solution. Before the elections, I wrote several times in this column, advising you to present in the program of your new party with Bennett, the de-classification of Israel's rights in International Law. I thought it was not only your right but your duty, being the Minister of Justice! Whatever you are going to do now, trying again with Bennett or Joining an existing party, engage yourself in a sacred duty, I mean by that, to proclaim Israel's rights in International Law, based on Paris Peace Conference in 1919, the San-Remo conference of 1920, The League of Nations' Palestine Mandate of 1922 ... and Article 80 that Benzion Netanyahu, yes indeed, the actual Prime Minister's father helped to introduce in the United Nations' Charter! Ever heard "Bibi" mentioning it? NEVER! Why? Not to reveal the Left disastrous historical past, that brought upon the Jewish people the worst catastrophe of its history, but keeping a door open for help, as he did, asking Labor to join a coalition, but being firmly brushed off. Now Netanyahu has fired you as Minister of Justice, under pressure of the orthodox parties, I suppose, to prevent you of signing the extradition to Australia of the woman we know. Ayelet Shaked, do what you have to do, and carry out this sacred duty!
8. Put Shaked in and democracy's over
Disillusioned   (06.02.19)
Without doubt the most dangerous politician in the country. She's even more obsessed with power than Nuttiyahu.

And that's exactly why rival-fearing, paranoid Bibi is not letting her near him.

9. Obviously fired 4 being leftists! Teeheehee

10. Can indeed anyone that failed to secure MP-post go on to
function as a MINISTER?!
In what parallel Universe is that possible???
So where's the "scoop/scandal/WOW" here?!
11. The FIRING of Minister of Justice is ILLEGAL..
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.03.19)
as it is done politically and not because of any reduction of the capacity of the minister in the judicial system of Israel. As is with most democratic countries, the judicial system must be void of political influence whose judicial powers must come from the assembly of the Knesset. Most probably the actions of Netanyahu is over shadowed by his failure to obtain the judicial immunity to cover his corrupt practices of government powers that led him to vengefully vindicate the minister of Justice through seemingly 'legal' political means.
12. Ou vay voy! Jewish nationalists at war again!
13. Brilliant (not) firing Min of Ed 3 months b4 start of school
because. The Israeli education system isn't dysfunctional enough!
Good Morning today PM Netanyahu needed to add more dysfunction to the educational system!
If we weren't so happy about this (not) we would be in a state of total and complete hysteria!
14. Screw them
Phoenix   (06.03.19)
15. Can we FIRE the Prime Minister?
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