'Terror tour' of Tel Aviv revives city's troubled history
Alexandra Lokash and Nir Cohen
Published: 09.06.19, 13:44
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1. Brilliant and very respectful idea.
2. Ariel Sharon would have stopped it sooner but
UK Yahudi   (06.09.19)
"International Community" did their best to block him until he had enough.
OLEG ,   FLORIDA   (06.09.19)
4. Should be made mandatory for our school kids!!!!!
5. The Left wants them covered up forgotten
TellOurStory2World ,   Jerusalem   (06.09.19)
Jerusalem needs such a tour all the plaques are only in Hebrew and never remembered they need also to be in the international language English so that visitors can learn Palestinians do a good job in telling their story to tourists we do not...
6. Arabs must NEVER be given yet another playground (country)
to use for their murderous ways....
There was, is and will be NO "Palestine", no matter how many terror attacks they manage to pull off.
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