Annual Celebrate Israel parade brings crowds out in NYC
Associated Press
Published: 02.06.19, 22:53
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1. H H Alcantara
DSM ,   USA   (06.03.19)
Prayer did the six million a lot of good didn't it. When push comes to shove more of America's Jews seem to be liberal progressives first and Jews second . Better for Israel to remain as militarily, economically and technically strong as possible.
2. Yep, "God" will punish/reward, as it's His/Its customary MO
Republicans, Dems , Reform and the very frumme...everyone will get his/her share of "God's" loving embrace...
Some already have, in Auschwitz and Spain!
What about Naturei Karta: will they sit at His throne or sizzle "down" in hell-fire?!
3. So surreal: "celebrating" this apparent "success" that's NOT
good enough for our brethren to move into....?!
Crazy, or what????????????????????????
4. this crowd should make alyah. If they love Israel so much...
ex Oleh Chadash   (06.02.19)
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