Last survivor of Sobibor death camp dies aged 96
Amir Alon
Published: 03.06.19, 11:37
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1. May He Rest In Peace
Thank you for the article.
2. May G-d's angels escort his soul home...
May his family receive comfort from Heaven.
3. RIP
ex Oleh Chadash   (06.03.19)
I often wonder how many years my relatives would have lived if they had not been murdered.

איך אָפט ווונדער ווי פילע יאָרן מיין משפּחה וואָלט האָבן געלעבט אויב זיי זענען נישט מערדערד.

4. We salute a great man !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.03.19)
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