Liberman: Smotrich worse than delusional hilltop boy for proposing biblical law
Yuval Karni
Published: 03.06.19, 12:44
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1. Stop& consider before having a knee-jerk reaction-fit!
2. "Our country will return to the way it was in the days...
of King David". Not exactly a good slogan for running the Israeli "Start-Up nation". Intel, HP, Microsoft and other technological firms should be concerned to hear such words...
Wake up now people of Israel before it is too late, and we are overrun with insanity.
4. Smotrichs plan...
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.19)
I wonder if time has come to . .
5. Who can stop those pathological politicians..?
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.19)
Libermann. Each and every sick plan uttered by bibis
Right cohorts will gain seats for lieberman and lapid.
Go on biblical friends of bibi. You serve us well
15 seats in next knesset.
6. One more reason
Oliver ,   TLV   (06.03.19)
One more reason the religious should never be allowed to rule the country,we would become a Jewish Iran.No thanks
7. I'm a "militant" secular BUT, I do acknowledge huge impact
that our Torah has on Western law, medicine, social relations- whether we like it or not!
He is in full right to PROPOSE certain aspects, while we're fully entitled to reject (or accept) them...
But please: stop reacting like Pavlovian dogs, automatically switching to our Hellenistic (thus foreign) tendencies.
First: be a proud Jew, then be a critical Jew, but BE a Jew.
It means something!
8. Please no Sharia law
Proud Israeli   (06.03.19)
We already are sick from what sharia law does in neighbouring countries, how can we implement it in Israel? How are we better than Saudi Arabia if we do? We won't be seen differently by the world.

Israel is a light in the world with our scientific breakthroughs and medical advances. Let's keep it that way. What people thought thousands of years ago won't fix modern problems. We need responsible and reasonable people to lead our country. Can't find better than Blue and White Party that fits this description.
9. king david wasnt even jewish
these guys are doing cut n paste religion
10. To my mind he is acting like Dr. Josef Goebbels
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (06.03.19)
he has the same political spirit, the same lack of political insight and the same lack of estimating human rights and democratic values. But a lot of political instinct for licking behinds.

11. There is no majority for it now.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.03.19)
The religious will have to work more on attracting the secular before proposing such ideas. At this point, they will just turn the people off.
12. Lieberman is delusional.
13. Religion has been destroying Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.03.19)
Smotrich is calling for a civil war. Give it to him.
14. This ostrich should be reincarnated....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.03.19)
in the jungles so that he can really practice ancient law on the lawless inhabitants. In actual truth, Smotrich is out of touch with the times. People of that age, lived with very little law. So 'David's law's was enacted to bring order to the way of life. But the real problem today is the living of a cosmopolitan society in Israel that respects a universal law which is contrary to the outdated David's law. In this aspect, what is the credentials of Smotrich to implement and impose an irrelevant set of laws that does not bear semblance to a modern cosmopolitan Israel? In those days religion, law and living are inseparable which is not appropriate for a lawful community in today's standard of living.
15. Can't allow unelected leftist judges to wreak havoc
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.03.19)
One thing is indisputable. We MUST improve Israel's legal system. We can't continue to allow unelected leftist judges to steal powers from elected MKS, and wreak havoc on our nation. We can't continue allowing them to make insane decisions which degrade and endanger Israel, while getting many Israelis maimed and murdered. A return to strict biblical law may be unthinkable, but some elements of it would be welcome by most Israelis.
16. Ravid and Solomom
Eileen ,   Kiryat ono   (06.03.19)
King David hadv one of his best soldiers murdered because he 'desired' the soldiers wife for himself. Solomon married thousandss of women...most not Jewish.. brothers plotting against and murdering each other.

Smtrich should be hospitalized for delusional behavior...

17. again
ex Oleh Chadash   (06.03.19)
again: read Altneuland, Tel-Aviv.

Herzl in his novel, foretold these sects of fanatics.

All of you, self-professed Zionists, Israel lovers (as I was someday), should learn from the masters.
18. Smotrich testing the wasters. He isn’t stupid nor naive...
We must be vigilant
19. We are lucky
Amos ,   Holon   (06.03.19)
We are very lucky that Smotritch showed his true colors and beliefs before the elections.
We must wake up and vote accordingly.
20. Lieberman is right this time
C   (06.03.19)
this man smotrich is a religious fanatic and as such, he is antidemocratic
and autocratic.
21. so why have a law of return?
Judy ,   Jerusalem, Ir David   (06.04.19)
...if you don't want a Jewish country, why limit entry only to Jews? Maybe limit entry to hi-tech entrepreneurs, or scientists, or models.
What's Jewish about a country that despises the Torah and denies its relevance to modern life?
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