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Unsung hero: The Mossad agent who led Ethiopian Jews to the Promised Land
Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 07.06.19, 19:06
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1. He is not unique, Jews from other lands sacrificed more
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.08.19)
This story certainly has to be told but it is arrogant that this is a lesson for Israeli society

None of this takes anything from the personal bravery of Ferede
2. Why did so many Ethiopian Jews desert Their Judaism ?
WhatsGoingOn?!! ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.19)
In Ethiopia we saw them waiting to come in their villages and camps keeping Shabbat and putting on Tefiilin upon arrival within a couple of years almost all deserted any semblance of Judaism many became Meretz voters and ant
Settlent Of historic Judea and Shomron many joining Evangelical churches or are seen at the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches what’s really going on here ? Is it any wonder many doubt their Judaism ...?!
3. In reply to "what's going on here"- completely
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
Without facts- "almost many" do not desert Judaism(I doubt you know "almost many" Ethiopians.).The majority are religious - belong to the religious Zionist movement- being a member of a political party even be it Meretz is not a standard as to whether one is Jewish or not- those that join a messianic community are low compared to other Jewish groups(the majority being white Ashkenazi's) and those members of the Ethiopian church(which are mainly situated in Jerusalem) belong to a community going back to the 18th century.
"Almost all" Ethiopians serve in the IDF - or complete national service- and contribute to the work force.I don't for one moment believe that as you say "Many!!" doubt their Judaism.Your comments appear racist and meant to drum up anti-ethiopian feeling and to belittle the enormous dangers,sacrifices and physical pain the Ethiopian community had to go through to reach Israel.
4. Exchanged peaceful healthy life in villages to pity life....
TheWall   (06.08.19)
They were fed with illusions and lies about the "land of milk and honey".
Ethiopian jews lived in peace and quiet in their villages for over 2000 years.
They could have lived there for another 2000 years without in relative peace.
They have never experienced pollution from diesel cars, but in Israel they have plenty of that. They had their own little farms with clean vegetable and fruits. They lived there a healthy life. Nothing like that in Israel. As a matter of fact, their lives is a complete opposite. Many older men become crippled and sick already by age 60! Almost every Ethiopian by age 60 is walking with a cane. It's a result of sudden change in their diet, from clean and healthy, to food in Israel loaded with pesticides, heavy metals, fluoridated water, bread empty of any nutrition, and heavily polluted air from thousands of diesel vehicles. I'm sure many if not most Ethiopians regret coming to the "holyland", and some are beginning to return to Ethiopia.
5. Again "The wall" comments without fact-
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
Conditions in Ethiopians villages were raw and these communities suffered under the then military government.Under your opinion most Israelis over 60 should be walking with a cane if our food standards are so poor- its a miracle any of us are alive if conditions are so poor in Israel and my question is why are you still here if its so bad?illusions and lies??You paint a very poor picture which going hand in hand with your dubious name(the wall) brings me to believe your interest is not to side with the Ethiopians but with BDS!
6. Ferede Aklum - Hero of the Jewish People
Mordechai ,   San Francisco, CA   (06.08.19)
This article is late, but still we can do what it states to honor the tremendous sacrifices made by so many of our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia who came home to our Land of Israel. I've known several and it was always an honor to be their friend.
7. Strange comments
Someone from abroad   (06.08.19)
It seems Ynet needs to hire a psychiatric censorship for this talkback section
8. this people are not jews. they are openly hate Israel. go go
M BARR ,   MIAMI   (06.14.19)
send them all back. they have no vision how to live in a modern society.
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