Settler leader: McDonald's boycotts settlements, keep it out of airport
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 03.06.19, 20:11
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1. Is it not a free choice of any private company
where does it want to offer its services? Will you make it mandatory for every company to open a branch in the settlements?
2. Forget about McDonald's!
manicdrummer ,   Haifa   (06.03.19)
Isn't there better food around than that greasy junk they slop together?
4. Please boycot me M
I don't want to die from your "food".
5. Bigmac and McFlurry are a human right?
Blabla   (06.04.19)
I didn't know that access to McDonald's is a right that people can demand. Maybe you can make a deal with them. They open restaurants in the settlements and every settler is legally required to eat at least twice a week there.
6. You settler fanatics are the bane of Israel's existence
David ,   Netanya   (06.04.19)
Your obsession to annex every inch of the West Bank is a national threat. One day, just as with what Sharon did at Gush Katif, we will be rid of you causing trouble once and for all.
7. well good...
was waiting for a reason to boycott McDonalds.
RONALD McDONALD ,   Mc ABBI   (06.04.19)
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